1000AIMs: 1,000 AI-Related Master’s Graduates per Year, Within Five Years

The Vector Institute is working in partnership with universities and employers toward the goal of increasing the number of AI-related master’s graduates to 1,000 per year by 2023 – an initiative announced by the Province of Ontario in 2017.

The documents below are designed to support universities aiming to have AI-related master’s programs recognized by the Vector Institute.

  1. Vector Institute Guidance for 1000AIMs AI-Related Master’s Programs
  2. Process for Acquiring Vector’s Recognition of Master’s Programs in AI-Related Fields
  3. Program Recognition Submission Template
  4. Terms or Reference for 1000AIMs Review Panels
  5. Development Funds for 1000AIMs Programs

This website will be updated regularly as Vector works with partners toward the goals of the 1000AIMs initiative.

Please contact 1000aims@vectorinstitute.ai with any questions.


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