Neural Guided Constraint Logic Programming for Program Synthesis
By Lisa Zhang · Gregory Rosenblatt · Ethan Fetaya · Renjie Liao · William Byrd · Matthew Might · Raquel Urtasun · Richard Zemel


Learning Latent Subspaces in Variational Autoencoders
By Jack Klys · Jake Snell · Richard Zemel


Predict Responsibly: Improving Fairness and Accuracy by Learning to Defer
By David Madras · Toni Pitassi · Richard Zemel


Reversible Recurrent Neural Networks
By Matthew MacKay · Paul Vicol · Jimmy Ba · Roger Grosse


On the Convergence and Robustness of Training GANs with Regularized Optimal Transport
By Maziar Sanjabi · Jimmy Ba · Meisam Razaviyayn · Jason Lee


Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
By Tian Qi Chen · Yulia Rubanova · Jesse Bettencourt · David Duvenaud


Isolating Sources of Disentanglement in Variational Autoencoders
By Tian Qi Chen · Xuechen Li · Roger Grosse · David Duvenaud


Iterative Value-Aware Model Learning
By Amir-massoud Farahmand


A Neural Compositional Paradigm for Image Captioning
By Bo Dai · Sanja Fidler · Dahua Lin


Online Structure Learning for Feed-Forward and Recurrent Sum-Product Networks
By Abdullah Rashwan · Agastya Kalra · Pascal Poupart · Prashant Doshi · Georgios Trimponias · Wei-Shou Hsu


Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Constrained POMDPs
By Jongmin Lee · Geon-hyeong Kim · Pascal Poupart · Kee-Eung Kim


Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation for Deep Reinforcement Learning
By Vikash Goel · Jameson Weng · Pascal Poupart


Deep Homogeneous Mixture Models: Representation, Separation, and Approximation
By Priyank Jaini · Pascal Poupart · Yaoliang Yu


Data-dependent PAC-Bayes priors via differential privacy
By Gintare Karolina Dziugaite · Daniel Roy


Nearly tight sample complexity bounds for learning mixtures of Gaussians via sample compression schemes
By Hassan Ashtiani, Shai Ben-David, Nick Harvey, Chris Liaw, Abbas Mehrabian, Yaniv Plan


Non-convex Optimization with Discretized Diffusions
By Murat A Erdogdu, Lester Mackey, Ohad Shamir


Assessing the Scalability of Biologically-Motivated Deep Learning Algorithms and Architectures
By Sergey Bartunov, Adam Santoro, Blake Richards, Luke Marris, Geoffrey E Hinton, Timothy Lillicrap


Occam’s razor is insufficient to infer the preferences of irrational agents
By Stuart Armstrong, Sören Mindermann

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