Sector Health

Headquarters Toronto

Founders Dr. Kamran Khan

Founded 2013

Employees 51-100

Funding CAD $24.9M

On New Year’s Eve, 2019, the intelligence company BlueDot pushed out an alert to all its customers: An ominous new illness had been detected. Location: Wuhan, China. The warning came nearly a week before the World Health Organization sounded the alarm over what would ultimately become the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, the market and societal need for infectious disease intelligence is rising. But for governments and private enterprises, identifying a threat to national and corporate security is only the first step. Decision makers need timely insights and data to assess and respond to infectious disease threats in a way that is commensurate with the risk. BlueDot’s flagship service combines artificial and human intelligence – and a real-time warning system based in part on machine learning – to help detect and manage global infectious disease threats, whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate. After expanding rapidly during the pandemic, the company is now focused now on its next phase of growth: helping private enterprises anticipate and mitigate risks to their people, operations, and supply chains. For CEO Dr. Kamran Khan, it’s the fulfillment of a personal pledge. He was an infectious disease physician in Toronto 20 years ago during the SARS epidemic, which overwhelmed hospitals in the city. The experience inspired him to empower public and private sector organizations with around the clock, global infectious disease intelligence in order to create a healthier, safer, and more resilient world.

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