BrainBox AI

Sector Technology

Headquarters Montreal

Founders Angelos Vlasopoulos, Jean-Simon Venne, John Cammett, Sean Neely, Ken Code

Founded 2017

Employees 101-250

Funding CAD $51.9M

In an era of climate challenge, how’s this for the ultimate win-win? An innovation that reduces both emissions and energy costs. BrainBox AI installs AI-powered HVAC technology in commercial buildings, cutting energy costs by as much as 25 per cent and lowering GHG emissions by as much as 40 per cent. The key is an AI engine that analyzes thermal patterns and uses a proprietary process to predict – and respond to – conditions in different areas of a building at different times of day. The result: a smarter and more efficient use of energy, 24/7. Although people tend to think first of cars and factories as producers of GHGs, commercial buildings are responsible for a large portion of global emissions as well. Only three years after the development of its signature technology, BrainBox AI is active across more than 400 commercial buildings globally – using the least amount of energy to produce a comfortable environment for each building’s occupants.

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