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Sector Technology

Headquarters Toronto

Founders Aidan Gomez, Ivan Zhang, Nick Frosst

Founded 2009

Employees 101-250

Funding $170M+ USD

In science fiction movies, humans and computers seemingly interact and converse fluently. Instructions are followed. Nuance is understood. However, in real life, anyone who’s dealt with a tool as simple as a chatbot or digital assistant is well-acquainted with the maddening limits of human-machine interactions. Cohere aims to bridge that gap. Through a powerful API, Cohere provides access to cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), a type of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to read, write and understand text at scale. Cohere’s models are capable of solving all kinds of language problems – whether you are summarizing text, writing copy, categorizing text, moderating content – the list is endless. The result is an unprecedented NLP solution that is completely changing the way companies operate and reimagining how humans experience technology. For Co-founder & CEO Aidan Gomez, the goal is to share these language models widely so that developers and businesses of any size can leverage leading NLP capabilities in their operations without requiring supercomputing infrastructure or AI expertise. Cohere is also at the forefront of efforts to ensure these applications are used responsibly. The company recently partnered with other industry leaders to develop and release a set of best practices that aim to reduce vulnerabilities to the misuse of large language models.

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