Programs are responsible for nominating incoming AI master’s students. This involves:

  1. Ensuring that eligible applicants to your program have been instructed to provide their 250-word statement, a 1 to 2 page CV,  study plan template (if applicable) and seek references from two referees using the referee report form which will be made available January 3, 2023
  2. Providing the prospective student with the name and email address of your program contact and the deadline date by which the contact must receive the statement, CV (if not included in your application) , study plan template (if applicable), referee reports (as per #1);
  3. Ensure that the deadline for submission of material is far enough in advance of Vector’s submission deadline of March 22, 2023 to allow for the ranking of nominees and the collation of the nomination package; and
  4. Complete and submit the appropriate nomination forms (available starting January 3, 2023) along with the nomination package. Full instructions on the nomination package will be made available on January 3, 2023.
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