Kronecker-factored Curvature Approximations for Recurrent Neural Networks

By James Martens, Jimmy Ba, Matt Johnson


Quantitatively Evaluating GANs With Divergences Proposed for Training

By Daniel Jiwoong Im, Alllan He Ma, Graham W. Taylor, Kristin Branson


Flipout: Efficient Pseudo-Independent Weight Perturbations on Mini-Batches

By Yeming Wen, Paul Vicol, Jimmy Ba, Dustin Tran, Roger Grosse


Attacking Binarized Neural Networks

By Angus Galloway, Graham W. Taylor, Medhat Moussa


Meta-Learning for Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Classification

By Mengye Ren, Sachin Ravi, Eleni Triantafillou, Jake Snell, Kevin Swersky, Josh B. Tenenbaum, Hugo Larochelle, Richard S. Zemel


Backpropagation through the Void: Optimizing control variates for black-box gradient estimation

By Will Grathwohl, Dami Choi, Yuhuai Wu, Geoff Roeder, David Duvenaud


Understanding Short-Horizon Bias in Stochastic Meta-Optimization

By Yuhuai Wu, Mengye Ren, Renjie Liao, Roger Grosse


NerveNet: Learning Structured Policy with Graph Neural Networks

By Tingwu Wang, Renjie Liao, Jimmy Ba, Sanja Fidler

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