TrojAI Logo


Sector Security

Headquarters Saint John

Founder James Stewart

Founded 2019

Employees 11-50

Funding CAD $4M

In 2016, James Stewart launched his first startup, EhEye, a company that used recognition software to identify threats of violence in public places such as stadiums, schools, and airports. The product worked – but it was also vulnerable to manipulation from those with malicious intent. This gave Stewart an idea. Three years later, he founded TrojAI, a company aimed at protecting businesses like EhEye from cyberattacks. It’s something of a delicate balance: On one hand, entrepreneurs need to move fast to succeed in AI-intensive fields; on the other, they don’t want development to outpace the security measures needed to defend their products – and their investments. According to Stewart, TrojAI puts a priority on “protecting the pace of innovation.” His company uses AI to assess, measure, and track the robustness of a customer’s model and improve its defensive capabilities against Trojan attacks and other threats.

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