Vector is an independent organization that provides students and researchers with more flexibility than a single company, lab, or faculty. Researchers/Students are encouraged to:

  • collaborate with peers in a shared work space
  • conduct research and work on specific applications and projects
  • publish and present at top conferences
  • teach graduate students and supervise postdoctoral fellows
  • explore projects with industry sponsors or health stakeholders
  • launch or work with start-up companies

Vector has many partners in both industry and in the health sectors that offer opportunities to work on interesting data sets and meaningful problems. While Vector offers its researchers opportunities to work with industry, Vector does not offer fee-for-service consulting or compete with private sector companies.

Vector has a unique focus on deep learning and machine learning research, which is Vector’s area of specialty. Each of the other Canadian AI research institutes (i.e., Amii and Mila) also have their own approach and focus.


Vector’s faculty and students also specialize in a range of areas and specific applications such as computer vision, reinforcement learning, health applications, natural language processing, sciences (e.g., chemistry and physics), statistics, optimization, music/creativity, security, and ethics.

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