Research Scientist & Postdoc Positions

Research Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellows applications are made through our website. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. If a university hires you as a postdoctoral fellow and your supervisor is a Vector Faculty Member, you will be given access to the Vector space and its programs.


Graduate Students

The Vector Institute is not a degree-granting institution. Students affiliated with the Vector Institute are graduate students at universities where Vector Faculty Members hold academic positions.


Students interested in studying at Vector should apply directly to departments of universities where Vector Faculty Members hold academic positions, and state in their application their desire to work with Vector-affiliated faculty. Due to volume, Vector faculty do not respond to individual requests to evaluate applications.


Graduate students whose advisors are not currently affiliated with the Vector Institute can also encourage their advisors to apply to become an affiliate of the Vector Institute.


Postgraduate Affiliates

Graduate students from Ontario universities may directly apply for Postgraduate Affiliate status with Vector, regardless of their university’s or supervisor’s relationship with Vector.


The Vector Postgraduate Affiliate program fosters collaboration and contribution among students and researchers with expertise in deep learning, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence more broadly. Postgraduate Affiliates are graduate students at several different Ontario universities and are pursuing novel research or specific applications in deep learning or machine learning.


Postgraduate Affiliates receive an award to support their participation in and contributions towards Vector events and activities. Applications for the 2019 cohort will open at the end of the year.


Summer students and/or interns

Vector does not accept applications for internships directly from students. Graduate students may work at Vector under the supervision of a Vector Faculty Member. This must be arranged through your university departments where Vector Faculty Members hold academic positions. Vector Faculty Members may take on interns and summer students based on faculty needs and the candidate’s unique skill sets and interests.


Do students/interns at Vector get paid?

The primary determinant for student pay is determined by the practice of the associated university and further determined by the specific graduate student and his or her supervisor in the event the supervisor is a Vector Faculty Member.


Undergraduate & High School Students

If you are an undergraduate student or high school student interested in pursuing an education in machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can contact a program administrator at your university of interest to learn about prerequisites and relevant courses. Students pursuing an education in machine learning and artificial intelligence typically have a strong foundation in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or statistics.


This fall, some universities in Ontario will begin offering Vector-recognized AI-related Master’s programs and corresponding internships. Keep an eye on the Vector Institute website for more details.

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