Sector Aquaculture

Headquarters Quebec City

Founders Cody Andrews, François Robitaille, Sylvie Lavigne, Valérie Robitaille

Founded 2012

Employees 51-100

Funding CAD $39.3M

The call that changed xpertSea founder Valérie Robitaille’s life was about shrimp larvae. Then a grad student, Robitaille had been working to develop new ways of using technology to monitor fish underwater. A Vietnamese company thought the tech could be applied to automating the arduous task of counting shrimp eggs. A decade later, xpertSea is using proprietary AI to help farmers around the world grow better shrimp. It’s a potential game changer for what is already a $37 billion a year industry. The company’s AI-powered platform – which analyzes more than four billion photos of shrimp – allows farmers to monitor the health and predict the size and value of their shrimp, removing much of the guesswork and uncertainty. The goal, says CEO Katie Sokalsky, is to use machine learning to make aquaculture not only more sustainable but also more profitable. To that end, xpertSea is also focused on using accurate crop data to develop data-driven marketplaces that will allow farmers to sell their shrimp more easily and quickly – and empower clients to buy with greater confidence.

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