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POSSIBLEX –  Unlock the exponential power of your business with applied AI

Calling all Canadian small-to-medium sized enterprises! AI has the potential to unlock growth for Canada’s SMEs

If you’re looking to adopt AI and don’t know where to start, Vector can help. Learn what AI can do for your small business. With Vector’s FastLane accelerator program. Get access to:

  • Benchmarking tools
  • Professional development courses
  • AI implementation support
  • Top AI Talent
  • Commercialization and IP Support

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“For business owners working in the field of AI, staying up to date on the latest AI research and best practices while balancing the daily challenges of running a business is not an easy task. This is why Pitstop is looking forward to working with Vector’s Engineers who are informed on the latest AI advancements and can help us solve unique challenges, allowing us to stay focused on developing our business.”
— Chris Mah, Chief Science Officer, PItstop, a Toronto-based company dedicated to using AI in the future of mobility
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