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POSSIBLEX –  Unlock the exponential power of your business with applied AI

Calling all Canadian SMEs! AI has the potential to unlock growth for Canada’s small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Vector’s FastLane delivers a powerful combination of:

  • Vital AI capabilities enabled by Vector’s AI engineering team;
  • Access to leading-edge research via members of Vector’s renowned research community;
  • The proven industry acumen and expertise of Vector’s Industry Innovation team helping companies to accelerate applied AI across every sector, and;
  • Market-leading recruitment support that connects companies with high-caliber AI talent.

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“At Canvass AI, we believe that AI plays a pivotal role in helping manufacturers create value and accelerate net-zero emissions. By collaborating with the Vector Institute, we look forward to staying up-to-date on leading AI methodologies and practices via Vector’s targeted bootcamps and working with them to help us find the right AI talent via Vector’s strong networks with graduates and professionals coming from Ontario’s well-developed AI ecosystem.”
— Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI, a Toronto-based company focused on enabling industrial companies to transform their operations using AI.
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