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Vector strives to attract the best global talent focused on research excellence in deep learning and machine learning. Vector’s mission is to advance leading AI research and, together with its industry sponsors, drive its application, adoption, and commercialization across Canada.

Vector’s industry sponsors are leaders in their fields with the initiative and vision to recognize AI as rapidly advancing technologies that will change the way Canadians compete globally. Through their partnership with Vector, each of them has taken the bold steps necessary to benefit from the broad, transformational potential of deep learning and machine learning.

Our industry sponsors represent a cross section of Canada’s diverse economy, including sectors such as health care, finance, insurance, education, retail, advanced manufacturing, and transportation. These organizations are either established Canadian enterprises, leading edge scale-ups and startups, or international companies with a Canadian research presence.

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Sponsorship Benefits

RAISE Initiative – Increasing Access to AI Master’s Students & Graduates

The Vector Institute is growing the AI workforce by collaborating with Ontario universities to increase the number of AI master’s graduates and connecting those graduates to local internship and job opportunities.

Vector industry sponsors have exclusive access to Vector-hosted job boards and job fairs that directly connect them with the country’s most promising graduate students in machine learning and complementary fields such as business or health care.

Vector has worked directly with industry sponsors to ensure that candidates in Vector-recognized master’s programs possess the skills employers are seeking.

Access to Machine Learning Research & Expertise

The Vector Institute represents one of the largest concentrations of machine learning and AI talent in Canada, with a community of more than 240 researchers including faculty members and faculty affiliates across Canada, postdoctoral fellows, graduate researchers, and postgraduate affiliates.

Vector has a unique focus on deep learning and machine learning research, building on the foundational work of Dr. Geoffrey Hinton and other faculty at the University of Toronto.

Vector’s community also specializes in a range of areas and specific applications such as computer vision, reinforcement learning, health applications, natural language processing, sciences (e.g., chemistry and physics), statistics, optimization, music/creativity, security, and ethics.

Vector proactively facilitates opportunities exclusively for industry sponsors to learn how these research areas can benefit their business.

Over the last year, our research community has published more than 100 papers, many featured in top machine learning conferences and journals. Vector researchers often receive top awards for their scientific contributions and have been named as top innovators on Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 list, by MIT Technology Review’s Top 35 under 35 list, and on the Globe and Mail’s list of up-and-coming leaders.

Vector industry sponsors have several exclusive opportunities to interact with Vector’s research community at job fairs and through targeted sessions that facilitate problem solving, projects, networking, professional development and upskilling.

Job & Data Fairs

There are many university job fairs, but only Vector hosts AI research-themed events paired with job fairs, exclusive to Vector’s industry sponsors, giving them opportunities to both learn about the latest machine learning research advancements while also networking with the country’s most promising machine learning graduate students.

Job-seekers arrive eager to learn about the real-world data and applications companies are working on.

If a company is seeking the most current research and top AI talent – be it for a permanent job, internship or consulting contract – then these events are the place to be.

Face-to-Face Meetings

These curated and facilitated meetings between an industry sponsor and Vector researcher present an opportunity to discuss technical machine learning challenges, emerging research trends, and recent technical developments—they allow industry sponsors opportunities to ask for advice, test their ideas, and seek out resources on a wide variety of machine learning problems.

Industry Projects

As an independent, not-for-profit focused on research in machine and deep learning, Vector plays a unique role as a neutral third party to bring industry consortia together to cooperate on mutual challenges that affect Canadians.

Vector provides project management from ideation through to implementation for industry sponsors coming together to work on projects that advance joint technical and research-themed problems, gathering and acting on insights resulting from collaboration that individual companies would not be able to realize acting separately.

These projects facilitate cooperation and partnership among industry sponsors – sometimes among competitors who otherwise would not come together – to help address common machine learning problems in ways that cannot happen in universities alone.

Upskilling & Professional Development

Endless Summer School (ESS)

Inspired by a successful program first run by Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, Vector’s Endless Summer School is an ongoing series of technical workshops featuring the latest machine learning advances relevant to technical industry leaders. Presentations are given by prominent Vector researchers – who have been known to present their work at ESS before it is published – and industry experts, enabling the exchange of knowledge and ideas. These monthly workshops provide a recurring opportunity for industry sponsors to build relationships with other technical professionals and network with research leaders and graduate students.

So far, Vector’s ESS has featured the following topics, with many more scheduled!

  • New Algorithms
  • Vision Techniques
  • Learning Latent Structures
  • Privacy and Fairness
  • Machine Learning and Health
  • Robotics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Generative Models
  • Optimization

AI for Executives

AI for Executives is a series of non-technical workshops tailored to the needs of Vector industry sponsors at the executive and senior management levels. Taking AI beyond code and into the boardroom where strategic decisions are made requires not only an understanding of how AI works, but also how companies can stay ahead of rapid change to mitigate risks while positively impacting business results and customer experience.

Access to Qualified Enterprise AI Solution Providers

Toronto has the highest concentration of AI startups in the world.[i]

Vector facilitates engagement between the most qualified AI-focused startup and scale-up companies and Vector’s established enterprise-sized sponsors.

These engagements are mutually beneficial, allowing startups and scale-ups to present their capabilities and products to potential clients while larger organizations learn from the technical expertise and thought leadership of smaller leading-edge companies.

Participation in these engagements is determined through a selection process whereby Vector vets the most promising and talented startup and scale-up firms in the local AI ecosystem.



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