Industry Sponsorship

Vector industry sponsors get access to a suite of Industry Innovation programs designed to accelerate the application of advanced AI in their organizations. These programs bring together Vector’s world-renowned researchers, advanced compute environment, diverse talent community, and AI engineering capabilities to support organizations working to transform AI into business value.

Through the Industry Innovation programs, sponsors get the unique opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with Vector researchers and other industry sponsors on advanced, hands-on projects related to their real AI opportunities
  • Consult one-on-one with top Vector researchers for guidance on their specific AI-related challenges
  • Upskill their technical and business professionals through industry-focused AI training
  • Enjoy preferred access to a growing community of top AI talent
  • Develop and retain their valuable AI professionals by providing unique technology development experiences with the Vector community

Vector’s programs are designed to advance AI in sponsor organizations across all industries and levels of AI adoption. Vector sponsorship is a unique strategic investment for organizations seeking to use AI to drive business outcomes, maximize model performance, and develop their employees’ AI expertise. However, sponsorship benefits do not include any rights or entitlements to Vector-created IP. In all of Vector’s sponsorship agreements, any IP created at Vector belongs to Vector.

Read about the real business outcomes sponsors have achieved:









Funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario

  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Ontario

The pan-Canadian AI strategy, led by CIFAR, promotes collaboration between the Vector Institute, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and the Institut québécois d’intelligence artificielle (MILA).

Special thanks to the University of Toronto for assistance in the start-up of the Vector Institute.

  • University of Toronto
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