Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI)

VSAI nomination form A

*To be used by Recognized AI-Related Programs only




  • Instructions

    (one form per AI-related program or collaborative specialization)
  • Full-time intake and total enrollment in the AI-related program*:

    * for the AI program, collaboration, or specialization ONLY
  • Table: Ranked list of nominees

    Please upload the completed Ranked List of Nominees Table (To access the Ranked List of Nominees Table click on the link at the bottom of this form)
  • Word Doc.
  • Program chair (or delegate)

  • Supporting documentation required

    Single PDF file including all collated supporting documents for each nominee in rank order (transcript(s),referees reports, student statement )
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    (PDF only)

*Ranked List of Nominees Table 

*Supporting documentation required for each nominee (collate in order):

  1. Copy of official transcript(s) upon which the admission decision was made
  2. Copy of referees’ reports submitted on VSAI reference forms
  3. A statement from the applicant outlining the reason for pursuing a masters in AI, relevant AI-related experience, and career aspirations (maximum 250 words)


Please complete and submit this web form including the uploaded Table and single PDF file containing all collated supporting documents no later than 4:00 EDT, April 5, 2019.


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