Applications for the 2018 Vector Faculty Affiliates program are now closed.

Applications for the 2019 program will open next year. We will be revising processes and schedules based on this first year of experience; please visit this page again in the fall or subscribe to our mailing list for information on future programs.

The Vector Institute focuses on research in machine learning and deep learning, working with Vector industry sponsors as well as universities and other public institutions to support the AI ecosystem in Ontario.  The Faculty Affiliates Program is intended to expand expertise in the areas of AI, computer science, engineering, and other disciplines related to machine learning, as well as strategic domains of application.

Vector Faculty Affiliates are encouraged to participate in and organize Institute events.  These events include workshops, summer schools, and talks that can be organized at their home institution. More generally, Affiliates are encouraged to contribute to the Institute by interacting with other members.  Where their interests align, Affiliates can also benefit from interacting with industry sponsors, and participating in networking and training events.  Finally we ask that Affiliates help promote the Vector Institute by acknowledging their affiliation in publications and presentations.  (Acknowledgement from a Faculty Affiliate and her/his support for Vector does not create any obligations in respect of intellectual property.)

The term of the appointment is two years.

Nominations will be considered annually.

Selections were made by the President and CEO of the Vector Institute under advisement from a committee comprising Vector Faculty across multiple institutions. The selection criteria comprise:

(1) Excellence in research at the highest international level, indicated by high-impact publications and research awards/honours for example

(2) Active academic research program in ML/DL or extensive innovative use of DL/ML in strategic areas of science, engineering or other application, notably, AI, Computer Systems, Neuroscience, Health, Robotics, and Societal Impact of ML

(3) the extent to which the affiliate’s research and expertise will strengthen and support the vision and mission of the Vector Institute.

Supervisors of Vector Postgraduate Affiliates are fast-tracked.

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