Jimmy Ba

On Leave

Faculty Member, Vector Institute

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair

Among his many accomplishments, Jimmy developed the Adam Optimizer, one of the go-to algorithms to train deep learning models. Jimmy completed his undergraduate degree, Master’s degree and PhD at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Geoffrey Hinton, Brendan Frey and Ruslan Salakhutdinov. Jimmy’s research focuses on the development of learning algorithms for deep neural networks. He was the second-ever student from a Canadian institution to win a Facebook PhD Fellowship and in 2015, his team achieved the highest place among academic labs in the image caption generation competition at CVPR.


  • Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Computer Science
  • Member of the Machine Learning Group, University of Toronto
  • Facebook PhD Fellowship
  • Massey Junior Fellow
  • Team placed highest place among academic labs in the image caption generation competition at CVPR 2015


Clockwork variational autoencoders

Vaibhav Saxena and Jimmy Ba and Danijar Hafner


Lime: Learning inductive bias for primitives of mathematical reasoning

Yuhuai Wu and Markus N Rabe and Wenda Li and Jimmy Ba and Roger B Grosse and Christian Szegedy


Efficient statistical tests: A neural tangent kernel approach

Sheng Jia and Ehsan Nezhadarya and Yuhuai Wu and Jimmy Ba


On Monotonic Linear Interpolation of Neural Network Parameters

James R Lucas and Juhan Bae and Michael R Zhang and Stanislav Fort and Richard Zemel and Roger B Grosse


How does a Neural Network’s Architecture Impact its Robustness to Noisy Labels?

Jingling Li and Mozhi Zhang and Keyulu Xu and John Dickerson and Jimmy Ba


Learning Domain Invariant Representations in Goal-conditioned Block MDPs

Beining Han and Chongyi Zheng and Harris Chan and Keiran Paster and Michael Zhang and Jimmy Ba


BLAST: Latent Dynamics Models from Bootstrapping

Keiran Paster and Lev E McKinney and Sheila A McIlraith and Jimmy Ba


Understanding the Variance Collapse of SVGD in High Dimensions

Jimmy Ba and Murat A Erdogdu and Marzyeh Ghassemi and Shengyang Sun and Taiji Suzuki and Denny Wu and Tianzong Zhang