Michael Serbinis

Michael Serbinis is the founder and CEO of League. With more than $1B of exits, he is known as a visionary leader and entrepreneur who has built transformative technology and AI platforms across several industries. He’s also a member of the Business Council of Canada. With his expertise in quantum computing and AI Serbinis founded and helped build Kobo, Critical Path, DocSpace, and now League. League is North America’s leading health operating system, a data-driven platform designed to provide a personalized, single-access hub for employees to find, understand and use their health, well-being and benefit programs. This new “front door” to healthcare eliminates the current sea of point solutions via an integrated ecosystem of over 100 insurance carriers, healthcare partners and HRIS systems and provides employers with a direct line of sight into the health of their workforce. Customers like Unilever, Uber, Shopify, and Lush Cosmetics are amongst the hundreds of employers currently using League.