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Problems in the deployment of machine-learned models in health care

Joseph Paul Cohen and Tianshi Cao and Joseph D Viviano and Chin-Wei Huang and Michael Fralick and Marzyeh Ghassemi and Muhammad Mamdani and Russell Greiner and Yoshua Bengio


Contrastive Learning Can Find An Optimal Basis For Approximately View-Invariant Functions

Daniel D Johnson and Ayoub El Hanchi and Chris J Maddison


Subject-driven Text-to-Image Generation via Apprenticeship Learning

Wenhu Chen and Hexiang Hu and Yandong Li and Nataniel Ruiz and Xuhui Jia and Ming-Wei Chang and William W Cohen


Facilitating robotic control using a virtual reality interface

Suzanne Gildert and George Samuel Rose and Graham William Taylor and James Bergstra


Monitoring Shortcut Learning using Mutual Information

Mohammed Adnan and Yani Ioannou and Chuan-Yung Tsai and Angus Galloway and HR Tizhoosh and Graham W Taylor


Sparsifiner: Learning Sparse Instance-Dependent Attention for Efficient Vision Transformers

Cong Wei and Brendan Duke and Ruowei Jiang and Parham Aarabi and Graham W Taylor and Florian Shkurti


GCNet: Probing Self-Similarity Learning for Generalized Counting Network

Mingjie Wang and Yande Li and Jun Zhou and Graham W Taylor and Minglun Gong


Quantum HyperNetworks: Training Binary Neural Networks in Quantum Superposition

Juan Carrasquilla and Mohamed Hibat-Allah and Estelle Inack and Alireza Makhzani and Kirill Neklyudov and Graham W Taylor and Giacomo Torlai


DynGFN: Bayesian Dynamic Causal Discovery using Generative Flow Networks

Lazar Atanackovic and Alexander Tong and Jason Hartford and Leo J Lee and Bo Wang and Yoshua Bengio


NodeCoder: a graph-based machine learning platform to predict active sites of modeled protein structures