Our renowned research community is advancing breakthroughs in the science and application of AI. From using quantum computing to address climate change, to developing new machine learning models for 3D applications, harnessing AI to improve food price forecasting, and more, Vector researchers are unlocking new ways to apply AI to drive better economic, health, and societal outcomes.

Our strategic research priorities

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • AI for Science
  • Trustworthy AI
  • AI for Health
  • Foundation Models

Vector is advancing its goal of becoming a top 10 global centre for AI research by attracting the world’s most accomplished, ambitious, and innovative researchers who are unlocking new achievements across a wide range of AI and machine learning topics.

714 Members of the Vector research community, comprising:

Faculty Members
Canada CIFAR AI Chairs
Faculty Affiliates
Postdoctoral Fellows
Graduate Researchers

Our growing research team

What was once only a few founding faculty has evolved over the last five years into a flourishing community comprising over 700 researchers who are pushing the boundaries of AI, machine learning, and deep learning in critical areas to benefit Ontarians, Canadians, and people around the world.

Meet the Research Team

We drive this growth through new and expanding efforts to attract and develop an outstanding community

  • Fostering collaboration between industry and academia to connect leading research and AI applications.
  • Creating more ways for researchers to work with industry sponsors and health sector partners on real-world problems and novel data sets.
  • Expanding access to events focused on research and applications and increasing access to internships.
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Published research

In dozens of timely, globally relevant, and impactful projects and work themes, these researchers are unlocking new ways to apply AI to drive better economic, health, and societal outcomes.

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Latest research news

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Health Research

Improving health outcomes for everyone

Vector helps improve population health outcomes by creating an AI ecosystem that fosters innovation, enables better data collection and analysis, addresses staffing challenges, reduces wait times, and improves patient lives and care.

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Upcoming Research Talks

The Vector Institute hosts, in cooperation with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, the Machine Learning Advances and Applications Seminars, a series of public talks led by some of the world’s leading researchers in different fields of machine learning and related disciplines.

We’d love to talk about AI research, issues, and trends.