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World-leading AI Trust and Safety Experts Publish Major Paper on Managing AI Risks in the journal Science

Vector Institute announces nearly $2 million in scholarships for top Ontario AI graduate students

Standardized protocols are key to the responsible deployment of language models

The known unknowns: Vector researcher Geoff Pleiss digs deep into uncertainty to make ML models more accurate

BeNode logo and Vector logo

New global climate action initiative harnesses Canada’s AI expertise

Santoshi headshot

A change agent for AI workforce transformation: my time as a Vector Institute AI project management intern 

Man typing on laptop

How businesses can balance AI innovation and cybersecurity

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Benchmarking xAI’s Grok-1

A man looks at a white board with red formulas on it

How to safely implement AI systems

Vector Faculty Member Frank Rudzicz welcoming participants to the workshop.

Breaking Ground: Natural language processing headlines Vector Institute’s latest workshop gathering

Two people playing chess

Vector Research Blog: Is Your Neural Network at Risk? The Pitfall of Adaptive Gradient Optimizers

Keith Strier and Tony Gaffney speak on stage at the Remarkable 2024 conference.

Remarkable 2024 spotlights Canada’s flourishing ecosystem

Merck and Vector logos

Merck Canada announces collaboration with Vector Institute

Headshot of Vector Faculty Member Xi He.

How Vector Researcher Xi He uses differential privacy to help keep data private

Solar panels sit on green grass. There are trees and skyscrapers in the background

Harnessing AI For Sustainability

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Vector Research Blog: Structured Neural Networks for Density Estimation and Causal Inference

Vector Research Blog: Causal Effect Estimation Using Machine Learning

group of people sitting in auditorium setting watching presentation

Vector Institute hosts first-of-its-kind Generative AI Leadership Summit

Machine learning theory takes centre stage at Vector Institute workshop

12 AI Trends to watch for in 2024

Two women typing code onto a computer

Introducing FlexModel: Breakthrough Framework for Unveiling the Secrets of Large Generative AI Models

A man holding a tablet points to a tv screen with white writing on it

Neutralizing Bias in AI: Vector Institute’s UnBIAS Framework Revolutionizes Ethical Text Analysis

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Vector researchers presenting more than 65 papers at NeurIPS 2023

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Safe AI implementation in health: Why the right approach matters

AI for Chemistry and Materials: blending old and new ways of thinking

Three people surrounding a laptop with a Vector Institute sticker on it

AI & public health: using natural language processing for clinical database management

A man holding a tablet points to a tv screen with white writing on it

Patenting AI Models: Avoiding the Dreaded Subject Matter Objection

ICML 2023: Developing an adaptive computation model for multidimensional generative tasks

A man looks at a white board with red formulas on it

Protecting inventions related to improvements to data and novel inputs and outputs

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Vector Research Blog: Large Language Models, Prompting and PEFT

IBET and Vector Institute logos

Vector partners with IBET to increase the number of Indigenous and Black AI researchers

Two women typing code onto a computer

Patent Searching: How to Find Out if You Really Invented Something

Key takeaways from the All In 2023 conference

Ownership of IP: Do You Own Your Invention?

Dan Roy named Vector Research Co-Director

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Intellectual Property and Generative AI: Many Questions, Few Answers

Doctor talking to patient

Unlocking AI-powered approaches to cancer treatment and detection

Generative AI for Enterprise: Risks and Opportunities

South Korea trip reaffirms Canada’s global leadership in responsible AI

People look at research posters in the Vector hallway

Vector community explores data privacy research at Machine Learning Privacy and Security Workshop

Vector logo blog image

Vector Institute partners with World Economic Forum on responsible artificial intelligence and research insights

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Vector Institute 2022-23 annual report: accelerating AI in Ontario

Machine Learning Meets Quantum Mechanics: Vector Workshop Showcases Groundbreaking Developments in Quantum Computing

How SMBs can manage the opportunities and risks of deploying AI

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Over 20 Vector research papers accepted at CVPR 2023

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

AI thought leaders on adopting generative AI

The Vector Institute will receive $27M from the Ontario government

Two people exchanging keys

How Wahi Built a Revenue-driving Realtor Recommendation Engine with Vector FastLane

Vector logo blog image

The Vector Institute’s AI Trust and Safety Principles

Three people stare at a laptop with a Vector logo on it

Vector research featured at ICLR 2023

Vector logo blog image

Public statement from the Vector Institute

Two people sitting at a table. Left individual is writing on a notepad, the right individual has their hand on a laptop

Top Ontario students pursuing graduate studies in AI receive nearly $2 million in scholarships from Vector

From left to right, Vector researchers Shai Ben-David, Franziska Boenisch, Vered Shwartz, and Sageev Oore at Vector's research symposium

AI Research Symposium highlights new Vector research

Two women typing code onto a computer

How to put Generative AI to good use?

two women talking

Vector’s AI20 for 2023

The Vector Institute enters five-year strategic partnership with KT Corporation

Vector and Communitech partner to help Canadian SMEs leverage the power of AI

How AI Vali helps clinicians improve patient care through Vector’s FastLane program

Bill C-27 is a call to action

In search of eureka: Sacha Davis’ experience as Vector’s AI project management intern

Vector Institute names Ben Davies as its new Chief Information Officer

Vector researchers win top honours at NeurIPS 2022

Canada can lead in AI for Science

Ontario AI snapshot: The state of the province’s AI ecosystem in 2021-22

A view on Intellectual Property in the Artificial Intelligence Era

Vector researcher Alán Aspuru-Guzik delivers CIFAR Massey Talk

CDI and Vector Machine Learning Challenge for Cancer Image Segmentation winners announced

Deep Learning for Building Footprint Extraction in Aerial Imagery

two computers photo

From no coding skills to AI-ready in three days: Introducing Vector’s Excel to AI for T-CAIREM

Graham Taylor named Vector Research Director

Bias in AI Program: Showing Businesses How to Reduce Bias and Mitigate Risk

Acceleration Consortium, Matter Lab, and Vector Institute collaborate on software to power self-driving labs

RBC joins Vector for our Computer Vision Symposium and shares how RBC’s new AI engine can accurately recognize building boundaries in satellite imagery

Vector AI Engineering Blog: Benchmarking Robustness of Reinforcement Learning Approaches using safe-control-gym

Vector logo. Trustworthy AI Themes For Business From The Vector Community

Trustworthy AI Themes for Business from the Vector Community

Mothers & Machine Learning: Vector’s AI Program for Mothers on Leave and Stay-at-home Caregivers

A poised individual with light brown hair, wearing a modern checkered shirt, stands confidently against a soft-focus office background. His demeanor reflects the innovative spirit and professionalism expected of those at the forefront of technology and research. The image captures a blend of approachable intelligence and forward-thinking ambition.

New Vector Faculty Member Jeff Clune’s quest to create open-ended AI systems

Vector research blog: Value Gradient weighted Model-Based Reinforcement Learning

Ontario strengthens its AI Ecosystem leadership position by extending partnerships with founding industry sponsors

Inside Goldspot’s Formula for Attracting AI Talent to Revolutionize Mining

New AI framework helps map and manage invasive mussel species in Canada’s lakes

CIBC Analytics Day Recap: Understanding and Operationalizing Trustworthy AI

Computer Vision Technical Report details insights from industry-academic collaborative project

Canadian Tire

The Vector Institute Enters Five-Year Strategic Partnership with Canadian Tire Corporation to Enhance Customer Experience

Vector researchers recognized with awards at the 2022 International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)

L’Institut Vector remet des bourses de près de 2 millions de dollars aux meilleurs étudiants à la maîtrise poursuivant des études supérieures en intelligence artificielle en Ontario

Vector awards nearly $2 million in scholarships to top master’s students pursuing graduate studies in AI in Ontario

2022 Ontario Budget includes $107M for critical technology initiatives

Students win award at inaugural Introduction to Machine Learning course for Black and Indigenous students

Vector Institute introduces a Smart Health Initiative to drive innovation in healthcare

AI in Action Event: Come Join Vector’s Expert Panel on AI, Climate Change, & ESG

Research Symposium brings together Vector community to celebrate student and postdoc work

Machine Learning Robustness: New Challenges and Approaches

Accelerating innovation in health: Boehringer Ingelheim and the Vector Institute to collaborate on AI

Shingai Manjengwa Photo

Vector’s Shingai Manjengwa named one of Ryerson DMZ’s Women of the Year

Fairness in Machine Learning: The Principles of Governance 

mobility article graphic

AI in transportation: How companies are building an autonomous future

Machine Learning Interpretability: New Challenges and Approaches

Amateur hockey given professional viewing experience courtesy of machine vision startup co-founded by Vector researcher

AI analysis of Social Media data to help with treatment of long COVID

Using AI to Help Solve the Long COVID Puzzle

AI-enabled tool that identifies COVID-19 variants co-developed by Vector researcher Bo Wang

Phase webinar

21 for 2021: the top Vector stories for the AI enthusiast

Technology, including AI, increasingly plays a key role in our food chain

Launch event – FastLane: Accelerating AI-fueled growth for Ontario’s fast-growing companies

Spotlight on Health at NeurIPS 2021 

Vector researchers presenting more than 50 papers at NeurIPS 2021

Quantum tech startup yiyaniQ is Vector’s first spin-out company

New program aims to accelerate AI-fueled growth for small-and-medium-sized businesses

Ontario AI snapshot: The state of the province’s AI ecosystem in 2020-21

Vector researchers help institutions ensure privacy and confidentiality when sharing ML models

Vector researchers use OHDP to determine mortality predictors for long-term care residents with COVID-19

Juan photo

Vector researchers use machine learning to build better quantum computers

Machine learning model creates treatment plans for patients with prostate cancer

Accelerating innovation and growth: OMERS and the Vector Institute to collaborate on AI

CIBC’s techniques to keep AI models accurate when the data changes

Vector Faculty Member Toni Pitassi is the recipient of the 2021 EATCS Award

Responding to major shifts in data: Vector Industry Innovation Report on Dataset Shift Project

Defining AI’s guardrails: a PwC-Vector Fireside Chat on Responsible AI


Talking to Machines: new ML model allows for more “expressive” communication between researchers and AI systems

Machine learning model from Vector researchers creates 3D environments without reference images

Raquel urtasun photo

Vector co-founder Raquel Urtasun raises $100 million for self-driving startup waabi

Geoffrey Hinton receives honorary degree from University of Toronto

Vector Researchers showcase wide-ranging machine learning applications at CVPR 2021

Wenhu Chen, a leader in natural language processing, is Vector’s newest Faculty Member

How Scotiabank Seeks Out Top AI Talent

AI has a compute problem. There’s a Canadian approach to solving it

Newest Vector AI scholarship recipients join growing talent pool in Ontario

Red Maple Leaf Photo

Federal Government Renews Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

Vector welcomes Hon. Peter Bethlenfalvy, May 5

Code Graphic

ICLR 2021: Researchers adopt teaching tricks to train neural networks like they’re students

Vector welcomes new researchers to Postgraduate Affiliate program

Richard Zemel

Vector Research Symposium showcases cutting-edge machine learning developments

Richard Zemel

Co-led by Vector Research Director Richard Zemel, ACM FAccT Conference emphasizes the importance of fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI

Vector Institute Launches Program to Help SMEs Reduce Bias in AI

A TELUS AI agent approached sustainability like a chess game

Vivek Goel photo

Vector Board Member Vivek Goel appointed to the Order of Canada

Vector collaborates with Phase AI on new career skills program

Vector Institute Releases First Annual Ontario AI Snapshot

Red Maple Leaf Photo

Vector Faculty Members among newly appointed Canada CIFAR AI Chairs

Vector banner

Vector welcomes 2020 cohort of Faculty Affiliates


lines of code graphic

Harnessing the Power of Natural Language Processing (NLP): Insights from Vector’s industry-academic collaborative project

Rachel Theriault headshot

Vector Scholarship in AI winner recognized for bringing AI to cancer analysis

pearl sullivan headshot

Vector Institute extends condolences to the family and colleagues of Pearl Sullivan

zoom stock photo

Vector research community preps for virtual NeurIPS 2020

Vector and Roche Logos

Roche Canada Launches National Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence

Code Graphic

The Genesis of Manulife’s NLP Academy

Graham Taylor

Researchers and startups converge in Toronto AI ecosystem

Ron bodkin banner

Vector Institute Establishes New AI Engineering Team to Ramp up Applied AI for Sponsors and Partners

two computers photo

Key ingredients companies need to successfully integrate AI

auditorium photo

Vector researchers take leadership role at Conference on Uncertainty in AI

scales photo

Vector researcher develops fairness model that accounts for individual preferences

Vector and Radical logos

With a big vision, Toronto founders can attract AI talent from Silicon Valley 

SISA training equations and diagram depicting the flow of training set data to aggregation and output


marzyeh Gghassemi photo

Vector researchers co-lead first ACM Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning


Vector researchers among recipients of CIFAR AI Catalyst Grants

auditorium photo

Vector researchers prep for ICML 2020

COVID media photo

Vector Faculty Member Marzyeh Ghassemi among those receiving CIHR COVID-19 Rapid Research Response funding

Vector Strategy Graphic

Unveiling the Vector Institute’s new three-year strategy

Vector Strategy Graphic

Vector Institute Three Year Strategic Plan

magnifying glass photo



glasses on keyboard

With Vector, BMO trains a new leading-edge deep learning model for Finance – and wants to use it where it counts most

stethoscope photo

Vector partners with Michener Institute of Education at UHN to embed AI into healthcare practice

We must do more

Person headshot

Jane Philpott named special advisor of the Ontario Health Data Platform which Vector is supporting with computing infrastructure and data science expertise

syntesize, plan, characterize circular diagram

Vector researcher Alán Aspuru-Guzik launches world’s first “self-driving lab” for the discovery of thin-film materials.

fidler sanja photo

Vector researcher Sanja Fidler part of team behind Nvidia’s GameGAN, which generates games like Pac-Man by watching videos

Fish eye city photo

Experts, including Vector researcher Frank Rudzicz, detail how COVID-19 will reshape our world

Vector Announcement banner

Vector Scholarship in AI Announcement


Five Vector-led AI research projects among those chosen for CIFAR’s AI and COVID-19 Catalyst Grants

Document Graphic

Vector Institute’s AI makes predictions about random events like market trades

COVID Graphic

Vector Institute joins Roche Canada Data Science Coalition, launches Kaggle challenge to Advance COVID-19 Solutions

Alan Aspuru

Vector and U of T researcher aims to improve accuracy of COVID-19 contact tracing with MyTrace app

Vector Health announcement graphic


Cartoon data interaction graphic

Vector Institute to Support Provincial Efforts Against COVID-19 with Computing Infrastructure and Data Science Expertise

tech lab photo

How Thomson Reuters uses NLP to enable knowledge workers to make faster and more accurate business decisions

office photo

Scaling AI: How Accenture bridges research and business to create organization-wide AI capability

Vector banner

Vector Institute welcomes new 2020 postgraduate affiliates

stethoscope photo

Implementing AI in healthcare: new white paper offers insights for deploying AI-enabled healthcare tools

garth Gibson announcement Graphic

A message from Garth Gibson to Vector community

CiteNet Graphic

Vector researchers release scientific paper search tool to help in fight against COVID-19

Person headshot

Vector researcher is tapping human wisdom using AI

Mcilraith Photo

How Vector and U of T computer scientists are transforming the world

Multiple source domain diagram

Vector researcher Bo Wang develops a method for harmonizing medical data from multiple hospitals

doctor graphic

Vector Bronze Sponsor Surgical Safety Technologies lands on Time magazine’s Best Inventions 2019 list

Alan Aspuru

MIT Tech Review: Vector Faculty Alán Aspuru-Guzik’s work with AI-discovered molecules named one of 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2020

COVID photo

Coronavirus research breakthrough has Toronto roots

Trendline graphic

New neural network models offer the potential for better predictions in medicine, finance, and human genetics

Football photo

Vector researchers at McMaster use AI to uncover signs of concussions decades after injury

Scientist Cartoon Graphic

University of Toronto Magazine: Alán Aspuru-Guzik Has Seen the Lab of The Future, and It’s Very, Very Fast

Group Photo In Downtown Toronto

Vector hosts internship program for African machine learning students

Garth Gibson Photo

Globe & Mail: Innovation in health care depends on responsible, expanded data access for AI researchers

Microscope Photo

Machine learning for healthcare presents new challenges to reproducibility

Group Whiteboard Photo

Vector researcher Will Grathwohl wants to lower the barriers to entry to AI

Red Maple Leaf Photo

Canada’s top international AI talent grows to 80

schwartz reisman photo

UofT breaks ground on the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre, future Vector Institute home

Vector Logo

Machine learning platform helps enable early diagnosis of life-threatening infection in premature infants

Mitacs Graphic

Mitacs to collaborate with Vector Institute to accelerate placement of AI interns into Canadian industry

convention photo

AI community celebrates Dr. Geoffrey Hinton at Evolution of Deep Learning Symposium

convention photo

Vector Institute appoints eight new Faculty Members, Announces Plans to Recruit Three new Faculty in Deep Learning with the University of Toronto

convention photo

Vector Researchers Prepare for 33rd Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)

Vector Logo

Vector Institute Names 29 New Faculty Affiliates

Geoff Hinton Photo

Vector’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, wins the Honda Prize 2019

Melissa Mccorriston Photo

Melissa McCorriston receives Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence

Tick Photo

Tick Identification to Combat Lyme Disease

Vector And League Banner

League Announces New Agreement With The Vector Institute

Gillian Hadfield Photo

Gillian Hadfield appointed inaugural director of U of T’s Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society and Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society

Women looking at xray

Thousands of Images at the Radiologist’s Fingertips Seeing the Invisible


Vector Faculty Affiliate wins top honours at CVPR 2019

Two People Photo

MBAN Students Awarded Vector Institute’s $17,500 Scholarship

Haonan Duan Photo

Haonan Duan receives Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence

convention photo

Vector Institute Announces Second Cohort of Vector Scholarship in AI Recipients

Soundwave graphic

Vector Faculty take new musical style transfer model to ICLR

Two Person Photo

Vector Institute kicks off series of Pathfinder Projects focused on health AI adoption

Multicolored Photo

Nine More Vector Faculty Members Named Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chairs

Anna Goldenberg

Anna Goldenberg wants to teach computers to catch heart attacks before they happen

Hand Graphic

Vector co-founder Brendan Frey on using AI to transform drug discovery, development and innovation

geoffrey hinton photo

Vector Institute’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, receives ACM A.M. Turing Award alongside Dr. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Yann LeCun.

City Photo

The Vector Institute is thrilled to be co-locating with the University of Toronto to the soon-to-be built Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre


Researchers and professionals from coast to coast descend on Vector for first Research Symposium and Job Fair

Vector banner


Anatomy Diagram

Machine Learning Could Eliminate Unnecessary Treatments for Children with Arthritis

Person Infront of Whiteboard

The chosen few: We asked Canada’s business leaders to nominate the brightest minds you’ve never heard of

Brain Graphic

Machine learning for MEG during speech tasks

Apply Now Banner

Vector Institute Offering Scholarships to Candidates Applying to AI Master’s Programs

geoffrey hinton photo

Geoffrey Hinton named Companion of the Order of Canada

Canada AI logo

The global race for artificial-intelligence supremacy is on – and Canada’s next moves are crucial

Group Photo

Vector Awards Inaugural Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence, Second Round of Applications to Open in 2019

Green Graphic

A radical new neural network design could overcome big challenges in AI

Group infront of whiteboard

Vector Researchers Win Top Honours at NeurIPS 2018

Group Photo

Vector Faculty members named to the first cohort of Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chairs

Vector Logo

Vector Institute Grows Faculty Across Canada

Deep Learning Banner

2018 Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School

University of Guelph Logo

University of Guelph

Vector and Fields Logo

2018-2019 Machine Learning Advances and Applications Seminar


NVIDIA opening AI lab in Toronto led by Vector Faculty Member, Sanja Fidler

Mars Event


City Photo

Wysdom.AI Partners with Vector as a Bronze Sponsor

Garth Gibson

Congratulations to TD’s Layer 6 on Winning Spotify RecSys Challenge 2018

Two People

Vector Researchers use AI to add ‘4D’ effects to movies

marzyeh Gghassemi photo

Vector Faculty Marzyeh Ghassemi featured on MIT Tech Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35

Graham Taylor

Vector Faculty Member Graham Taylor Receives Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Award

Toronto Skyline

Sanja Fidler will lead research at NVIDIA AI Lab in Toronto

University Of Toronto Logo

U of T grads seek out Toronto jobs as Canada’s ‘brain gain’ gathers steam

Stradigi & Vector

Stradigi AI Teams Up With The Vector Institute

Graham Taylor

University of Guelph Gets $3.4 Million From Canada Research Chairs Program


Thinking different: U of T’s newest Canada Research Chairs are exploring new frontiers in knowledge and innovation

Medical Hand Graphic

AI and the MD


Predict responsibly: Fairness needed in algorithmic decision-making, U of T experts say

Vector Office

Vector Institute Heads to ICLR

Alan Aspuru

Mission to Revolutionize Modern-Day Chemistry Labs Leads Vector’s Newest Faculty Member to Canada

Vector Logo

Garth Gibson: Celebrating Vector’s First Year in the AI Ecosystem

Person headshot

Cross-Country Career in Reinforcement Learning Leads Amir-massoud Farahmand to Vector Institute in Toronto

McMaster University: Vector Institute names three McMaster trainees to inaugural Postgraduate Affiliate program

Toronto Skyline Joins the Vector Institute

Vector Institute Launches Inaugural Postgraduate Affiliate Program

Richard Zemel

Vector Research Director named NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Machine Learning

Canada AI

Vector helps launch new platform to showcase Canada’s global leadership in artificial intelligence

Richard Zemel

U of T News: Vector’s Research Director, Richard Zemel, answers ‘Where is AI headed in 2018?’

50 graphic

Geoffrey Hinton named among Bloomberg’s list of 50 Most Influential People of 2017

whiteboard photo

Vector Faculty Members, David Duvenaud and Quaid Morris, awarded NVIDIA Compute the Cure Grant

geoffrey hinton photo

A New Way for Machines to See, Taking Shape in Toronto

geoffrey hinton photo

Vector’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Geoffrey Hinton is #10 on Toronto Life’s list of Top 50 Influentials of 2017

Vector faculty members David Duvenaud and Anna Goldenberg among Canada Research Chair award recipients

CBC Metro Morning: Dr. Garth Gibson’s interview with Matt Galloway

Vector Institute to Collaborate with Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and University Health Network

group photo

CNBC: Vector Institute attracting top talent to Toronto

Globe and Mail: Artificial intelligence is the future, and Canada can seize it