Vector Institute 2022-23 annual report: accelerating AI in Ontario

July 31, 2023

2023 News

Vector’s latest annual report (2022-23) highlights a vibrant artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem in Ontario. The growing Vector community of business enterprises, startups, academic institutions, health partners, AI researchers, practitioners, students, and government stakeholders, is accelerating AI to benefit all Canadians. As a trusted partner in building, developing and adopting AI in Canada, Vector is working to ensure Canada’s global voice in AI is heard on the world stage by responsibly harnessing the transformative potential of AI and machine learning (ML) for the benefit of our economy and society. 

As proof of these efforts, the 2022-23 edition of Vector’s annual report reflects on the achievements of the Vector community, the impact of programs like FastLane, and progress updates in key areas such as industry, research operations and academic partnerships, health, and AI engineering.

Highlights from Vector’s 2022-23 annual report

Vector’s role in nurturing top AI talent

With Canada ranking as a leading AI hub globally, Ontario boasts the world’s third-largest pool of top AI researchers. Learn how this success is fueled by Vector’s collaborations with universities and employers across Canada to develop AI talent through initiatives such as Vector-recognized academic programs, internship opportunities, experiential learning opportunities, and the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence program.

First look at highlights from Ontario’s AI ecosystem

Highlighting the impact of AI in Ontario in the last year including job creation, academic enrollment, and AI-related investments. A full national AI ecosystem report, compiled in collaboration with Amii, CIFAR, Mila, and Deloitte Canada, will be published later this year.

Business and small-medium enterprise empowerment through AI

Vector plays a crucial role in empowering Ontario businesses across multiple industries to access the AI expertise, frameworks, and skilled workforce they need to build AI into their businesses and stay competitive both nationally and globally. See how Vector is fostering economic growth by accelerating AI implementation and ML-focused advancement, for industry sponsors, startups, scale ups, and partners.

Reflections on AI innovation in health and engineering

Working closely with health and industry partners, Vector is looking at how AI and ML can be responsibly applied to real-world scenarios for improved outcomes in Ontario and across Canada. Explore some of the projects Vector’s Health team have driven forward, and how Vector’s AI Engineering team is exploring AI implementation solutions to accelerate transformative benefits for Canadians. 

Learn more about how Vector is shaping a future where the responsible application of AI, strengthens our economy and unlocks new opportunities for growth and progress for Canadians.

*The French version of our annual report can be found here.


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