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Vector Institute Brand Guidelines – Logo Use

Logos (png)

Logo – Whitespace 

Our foundational brandmark identifies us by name, tells people what we’re about, and establishes our visual identity; therefore, it’s important that it’s consistent. It is composed of two main elements, a logo and a name. 

1. The logo — a stylised ‘V’ made up of the letter (for Vector) incorporating a detached arrow is the mathematical symbol for a vector. This image also conveys forward and upward movement, future possibilities and innovation. 

2. Our legal name “Vector Institute,” in English and “Institut Vecteur” in French.

To maximize our presence and visual identity, a specified clear space defines and protects the area around the brandmark to avoid crowding or confusion. 

Logo minimum size

To protect legibility of our brand logo, the recommended minimum width for print is one inch.

Logo – Variants

Depending on the application, the vertical and horizontal brandmarks are available in full colour (black and magenta, or white and magenta), black, and white. Use your best judgement when selecting between horizontal and vertical options. 

Our logo icon is the shorter version of our logo. Use the icon only on its own if you do not have enough space for the full logo. While the logo icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark cannot exist without the logo icon. 

At Vector, it is our policy to offer official communications to the public in both English and French to accommodate all stakeholders and partners we work with across Canada in accordance with accountability agreements and the federal Official Languages Act and provincial French Language Services Act. This is to not only comply with the Contributions Agreement of the National Artificial Intelligence Institutes but also to continuously seek new ways to promote linguistic duality and inclusivity in all aspects of the institute’s operations. This means that in every instance, Vector’s bilingual logo should be used versus the English only logo on digital properties and for whitepapers, annual reports, Vector-authored social media promotions, etc.

Co-branding & Acknowledgements

Logo placement for co-branding

When the Vector Institute brandmark needs to sit side by side with other logos, it is important to consider size, placement and relevance.

  • Our preference is for our signature to appear to the left.
  • Our brandmark needs clear space around it to “breathe.” Please follow the Clear Space & Minimum Size guidelines above.
  • The Vector brandmark and other logo should be the same height.


As per our agreement with the Province of Ontario, advertising and promotional materials must acknowledge and credit Ontario government financial support by using the wording “Funding provided by the Government of Ontario” and by using the official visual identity of the Province of Ontario. Additional requirements may be stipulated for federal government and other funding.