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May 14, 2020

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Vector Institute Announces Third Round of Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence Recipients

The Vector Institute is pleased to congratulate the third round of Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipients. These merit-based entrance awards recognize top candidates pursuing studies in a recognized AI-related master’s program or an individualized AI focused study plan in Ontario.

A strong research community, leading AI master’s programs and access to high quality data are creating the perfect opportunity for talented AI graduates to jump start their careers in Ontario.  By 2021 it is expected that 800+ AI master’s students will have graduated and entered the Ontario workforce. These new graduates will meet an increasing demand from leading global companies and promising AI startups and scaleups located in Ontario in order to access the growing AI workforce.

Scholarship recipients, along with other qualified students, gain access to Vector’s recently launched Digital Talent Hub, which connects highly skilled job seekers to employers, including Vector’s industry sponsors – companies at the forefront of AI adoption in Canada. Since the Talent Hub launched in December 2019, there have been 250+ jobs posted, 1,500+ applications and 450+ approved job seekers registered.

The third round of Vector scholarship recipients consists of 106 of the best and brightest incoming master’s students representing 31 programs across 12 Ontario universities. Applications rose 50% this year and were received from candidates not only in Ontario and Canada but from all over the world.

“I would like to thank Vector Institute for awarding me this prestigious scholarship. During these difficult times of a pandemic, this scholarship provides me the much-needed financial assistance and encourages me to pursue my higher studies in artificial intelligence at one of the most prestigious universities.” – Sidharth Pahuja, Vector Scholarship in AI recipient (2020-2021), University of Toronto.

Scholarship recipients and students enrolled in master’s programs recognized by Vector as providing the AI skills sought by employers have unique advantages including opportunities to attend events and talks connecting students with industry, such the CIFAR/Vector Job and Data Fair, AI Master’s Summit & Career Fair, as well as priority access to workshops and other recruiting events.

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence, engaging with Ontario universities to support the development of new graduate programs and expanded curriculum in AI, the newly launched Vector Talent hub as well as recruitment fairs, are all part of Vector’s initiative to develop and connect Ontario’s AI workforce to fuel AI-based economic development and job creation.

Vector will launch the 2021-22 scholarship competition dates in Fall 2020. Learn more:

Industry Sponsors, health organizations, government Ministries and Agencies, Ontario universities and Ontario Start Ups interested in posting AI related roles on the Digital Talent Hub should contact

About the Vector Institute

The Vector Institute is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, excelling in machine and deep learning. The Vector Institute’s vision is to drive excellence and leadership in Canada’s knowledge, creation, and use of AI to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians. The Vector Institute is funded by the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada through the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy administered by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), and industry sponsors from across the Canadian economy.

Internships, networking, and the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence are core components of Vector Institute’s AI Master’s initiative, supported by the Government of Ontario, to develop and connect Ontario’s AI workforce to fuel AI-based economic development and job creation.

Vector Scholarship Quick Facts:

  • 106 scholarships awarded this cycle
  • 242 scholarship recipients to date
  • # of institutions with recipients this cycle: 12
  • # of programs receiving scholarships this cycle: 31
  • 14 new programs nominated students since last year

Congratulations to the 2020-21 cohort of Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipients*:

Program Name
Electrical and Computer Engineering Kyrollos, Daniel
MSc in Computer Science
Baxi, Manmeet
Kaspour, Shamisa
Liu, Weiting
Singhal, Aditya
Swerhun, Mekaal
Master of Computer Science Fathi, Kiavash
MASc in Applied Physics
Filipovich, Matthew
Beitollahi, Mahdi
Gasca Cervantes, Eduardo
Greisman, Austin
Gupta, Divij
Lau, Clinton
Obadinma, Stephen
Zhao, Jianxiang
MASc in Mathematics and Engineering
Gronowski, Adam
Master of Management Analytics
Natarajan, Janani
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Arora, Gurkanwal
Lei, Gavin
Raza, Mohammad
Syed Rahmathulla, Wafiq
Wu, Ruihan
MSc in Computer Science
Ansari, Minhaj
Everitt, Brittaney
Scott, Katy
Stuart, Duncan
Su, Zitong
Theriault, Rachel
Collaborative Specialization in AI Master’s
El-Shawa, Sara
Salem, Mahmoud
Master’s of Information Technology Security Ahmed, Farhan
Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Han
Master’s in Computer Science
Mvula, Paul
Nazari, Ehsan
Health Services Research
Nedadur, Rashmi
MASc in Aerospace Studies
Lu, Shichen
Nadeau, Philippe
Qian, Jingxing
Wu, Yuchen
Yuan, Zhaocong
de Souza Severo, Daniel
Jia, Hengrui
MASc in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Patel, Raj
Tian, Sophie (Sijie)
Wong, Rachel
Xu, Meng (Katie)
Master of Management Analytics
Donovan, John Connor (Connor)
El Mellouki, Zineb
Ji, Yuan
Moon, So Hyun (Stella)
So Hyun (Stella), Sidharth
Puccini, Aaryn
Wisco, Asia
Zegarmistrz, Marcin
Zizek, William (Bill)
MSc Health Informatics
Keenan, Charles
Lin, Charis
Wang, Yi Li
MSc in Applied Computing
Arivazhagan, Manoj Ghuhan
Bhattacharjee, Sourav
Brock, Stephen
Ellis, Jack
Feng, Yiwen
Guo, Yijie
Landsman, David
Liu, Shanning
Ngo, William
Roy, Subhayan
Zhao, Luxi
MSc in Computer Science
El Sanyoura, Lana
Hao, Siqi
Mansouri, Farnam
Mohammad Mahdi, Naseri
MASc in Systems Design Engineering
Hemmatirad, Kimia
Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Melgarejo Lermas, Irene
MMath in Computer Science
Alagappan, Solaiappan
Herman, Daniel
VanBerlo, Blake
Master of Science in Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence [with/without Co-Operative Education]
Gautam, Vishakha
Hora, Sheena
Jouyandeh, Farzaneh
Patel, Himanshu
Roy, Shuvendu
Master of Data Analytics
El Rachidi, Firas
Joseph, Pauline
MSc in Computer Science
Keyes, Andrew
Wang, Wei
Younesi, Mohammad
Zhang, Qinggang
Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) Cong, Chang
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI)
Haji Seyed Hassani, Amir
Luhm Silva, Ricardo
Sterling, Brigid
MSc in Computer Science
Meka, Bhargavi
Sy, Steniel
Ye, Isaac

* list does not include names of candidates who did not want to be published.


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