Vector works with 30+ hospitals, 30+ health and life science organizations, and 20+ universities across the province. Vector is at the forefront of the healthcare system adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and multi-sector collaborations to tackle specific health system and healthcare challenges.


“Working with Vector enables our industry sponsors to give their employees unique access to expert researchers, a valuable sandbox environment that allows them to try new AI techniques with their peers, and first-hand access to an AI talent pool that is in high-demand around the globe.”

Dr. Vanessa Allen

Infectious Disease Consultant and Microbiologist, University Health Network/Sinai Health

We work with public and private partners to

  • Facilitate privacy-enabled data sharing for AI and machine learning applications to drive improved care and system efficiency
  • Drive adoption of health AI solutions and tools 
  • Upskill clinicians and health professionals with tailored training and educational learning programs
  • Develop frameworks to improve access to data for AI with a focus on security, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Enable the curation and standardization of new health datasets to enrich the pool of available data for research
  • Provide access to 45 health AI Faculty and Faculty Affiliates from a diverse ecosystem, dedicated scientific computing, and technical support to accelerate health projects and deliver impact faster
  • Enable recruitment of AI specialists through targeted hiring support, curated events, and a dedicated AI job board

AI Deployment in Health

Vector is helping to deploy AI technology in the health sector, facilitated by programs such as Vector’s Smart Health initiative, which allows for the deployment and scaling of machine learning tools in hospitals across Ontario. Vector collaborates with partners to drive AI implementation initiatives aimed at better patient outcomes and improved health system performance in areas such as diagnosis and early medical intervention, decision support, efficiency in the delivery of health care, and remote patient monitoring.

Health AI Deployment Symposium

The 2020 Vector and SickKids Health AI Deployment Symposium and the 2022 Vector Health AI Deployment Symposium, “Mind the Gap: Enabling AI Deployment in Health” showcased examples of AI research translated into practice in health care. 

Pathfinder projects

The Vector Institute has supported a series of Pathfinder Projects to implement AI-assisted technologies in the health sector. Pathfinder Projects are small-scale proof of concepts designed to produce tangible results that improve services and guide future research and technology adoption.

Tick Photo

Tick Identification to Combat Lyme Disease

Women looking at xray

Thousands of Images at the Radiologist’s Fingertips Seeing the Invisible

Accelerating AI adoption in Healthcare

In collaboration with the Michener Institute of Education, Vector has developed and facilitated tailored educational programs with a focus on transforming the skillset and mindset of front-line healthcare professionals to build a workforce with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to power AI enabled health practices, organizations, and systems.

Health AI Implementation Toolkit

Harness the remarkable power of AI-enabled healthcare

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Advancing healthcare with AI

We are uniquely positioned to convene and facilitate partnerships among scientists, government, and public health institutions to help health practitioners and policy-makers use the best-available AI tools to improve patient outcomes and health care delivery.

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Organizations across Canada hold large volumes of data that can be used to generate important health insights and develop novel solutions using machine learning.

Vector may be able to help connect your organization to the right tools and talent to harness this strategic advantage and unlock the potential in your health data.