Federal Government Renews Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

May 3, 2021

The Vector Institute welcomes commitments in the 2021 federal budget to renew the CIFAR Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, with a $443.8 million commitment over 10 years starting in 2021-22.

Highlights of this commitment, in a section of the budget titled “Renewing the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy,” include:

  • $162.2 million over ten years to help retain and attract top academic talent across Canada—including in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. This programming will be delivered by CIFAR.
  •  $40 million over five years to provide dedicated computing capacity for researchers at the national artificial intelligence institutes in Edmonton, Toronto, and Montréal.
  • $185 million over five years to support the commercialization of artificial intelligence innovations and research in Canada.
  • $48 million over five years for CIFAR to renew and enhance its research, training, and knowledge mobilization programs.
  • $8.6 million over five years to advance the development and adoption of standards related to artificial intelligence.

These commitments build on the success of the original Pan-Canadian AI Strategy that enabled Canada’s national AI Institutes – Vector, Amii, and Mila – to attract and retain top research talent. 

As Canada’s AI ecosystem continues to mature, these commitments will enable Canada’s AI community, including partners across industry, government, and institutions, to continue their momentum in leveraging AI to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians.


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