Vector Institute Announces Second Cohort of Vector Scholarship in AI Recipients

June 5, 2019

700+ AI master’s students starting programs in 2019 are expected to graduate and enter Ontario’s workforce by 2021

The Vector Institute is pleased to announce that the 2019-20 Vector Scholarship in AI will be awarded* to 78 meritorious nominees from 11 Ontario universities enrolling in 32 master’s programs in core-technical and complementary AI-related fields such as business and health care. This is the second round of scholarships announced by the Vector Institute after having launched the program with 66 scholarship recipients in 2018-19.

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence, together with internships and networking programs, is a core component of the Vector Institute’s RAISE initiative, supported by the Province of Ontario, to develop and connect Ontario’s AI workforce to fuel AI-based economic development and job creation.

Through the RAISE initiative, the Vector Institute continues to work with universities to enhance existing master’s programs and create new master’s programs resulting in an increase in the number of prospective students applying, enrolling and ultimately entering the workforce with the AI skills and competencies sought by industry. The Vector Scholarship in AI recognizes promising AI talent and supports recruitment of top students to AI-related master’s programs in Ontario.

By 2021 it is expected that 700+ AI master’s students will have graduated and entered the Ontario workforce. These new graduates will meet ever-increasing demand from leading global companies and promising AI startups locating in Ontario in order to access the growing AI workforce.

Vector will launch the 2020-21 scholarship competition on January 6, 2020. Candidates who wish to be considered for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence can find eligibility and nomination details here:


About the Vector Institute

The Vector Institute is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence, excelling in machine and deep learning. The Vector Institute’s vision is to drive excellence and leadership in Canada’s knowledge, creation, and use of AI to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians. The Vector Institute is funded by the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada through the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy administered by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), and industry sponsors from across the Canadian economy.


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*Scholarships are conditional upon students registering full-time in their proposed master’s program of study.


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