NVIDIA opening AI lab in Toronto led by Vector Faculty Member, Sanja Fidler

September 25, 2018


[Image: Sanja Fidler, Computer Science Prof. at UofT and Vector Institute Faculty, speaking at the celebration of NVIDIA’s recently announced new AI research lab in Toronto.]


On Friday, September 21st, Nvidia announced plans to open their innovation lab in Toronto. The event was held at the MARS Discovery District in Toronto, which is also home to the Vector Institute.

Sanja Fidler, a professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto, and one of the founding members of the Vector Institute, will be the Director of AI at the new Nvidia lab.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Garth Gibson, President & CEO of the Vector Institute said, “Sanja is the consummate educator. Her excellence in education is recognized by one of the toughest juries – the graduate students in her department – who named her Professor of the Year.”

Sanja’s research focuses on helping systems learn the way humans do, particularly through vision and language. Professor Fidler is excited to join a company leading in AI-related innovation with internship opportunities for her students, while continuing to teach at the University of Toronto.

“The multitude of recent reports and investments are clear signs that the AI wave and the knowledge economy are taking hold in Toronto, in Ontario, and across Canada,” said Dr. Gibson, who was joined by the Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Jim Wilson, Vivek Goel, University of Toronto’s vice-president of research and innovation, and Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang, who also echoed the strength of local talent and research.

NVIDIA’s news comes on the heels of announcements from several other major companies about plans for significant AI and technology-related investment in Toronto, Ontario and other AI centres across Canada, including Edmonton and Montreal.

“Our goal at Vector is to meet the surging demand for innovation and talent and to translate knowledge and technology to industry.  Sanja’s work at Nvidia is just one example of how we are meeting this goal. We are proud of this partnership and will continue working hard to develop, attract and retain world-class talent in Toronto” said Dr. Gibson.



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