A change agent for AI workforce transformation: my time as a Vector Institute AI project management intern 

April 1, 2024

2024 Internships

By Santoshi Tadanki

Emerging AI technology is driving change across industries and revolutionizing the way businesses operate at an unprecedented pace. It was an honour for me to be a part of this revolution through my internship last year at the Vector Institute, a globally renowned AI institute that empowers researchers, businesses, and governments to develop and adopt AI responsibly.

Vector 2023 Summer Interns

Securing the internship at Vector was the highlight of my summer. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Vector thanks to the fantastic management and vibrant work culture. My fellow interns were extremely intelligent, qualified, and productive. This inspired me to rise to expectations. The mentorship I received from my Senior Project Manager, Himanshu Joshi, was exceptional. Invested in my growth and progress, he would give me guidance on a strategic approach to job applications and constructive feedback. 

Toward the end of my internship experience, I secured three full-time position offers and finally accepted a role with RBC’s Leadership Development Program. I believe my time with Vector allowed me to build my brand as a high-quality AI practitioner, which was pivotal to my career success. 


“My time with Vector allowed me to build my brand as a high-quality AI practitioner, which was pivotal to my career success.”

Santoshi Tadanki

Former Vector Institute AI Project Management Intern

One of the things I appreciate immensely is how invested the management at Vector is in propelling the careers of the students they work with. I worked with stakeholders from Canadian banks, universities, and consultancies to curate successful and impactful projects. 

The Generative AI Roundtable 3.0 brought together more than 30 AI leaders and researchers, to share different perspectives on generative AI. Additionally, we conducted a separate roundtable on  Climate Change and AI which involved more than 20 Canadian enterprises. These initiatives aimed to make climate action and AI trust and safety more accessible and actionable within the Canadian ecosystem.

Aside from the engaging projects and lessons learned, working with the Vector team was a lot of fun. My colleagues came from across the globe, and we would enjoy monthly social events. 

My time with Vector was so valuable and I would strongly recommend other students apply for future internship roles.

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