Vector Institute to Support Provincial Efforts Against COVID-19 with Computing Infrastructure and Data Science Expertise

April 12, 2020 Statement from Garth Gibson, President & CEO, Vector Institute “The ability of machine learning tools to identify patterns and make accurate predictions based on large [...]

How Thomson Reuters uses NLP to enable knowledge workers to make faster and more accurate business decisions

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How ROSS works with Vector to leverage natural language processing and refine legal search

April 2, 2020 ROSS Intelligence is an AI-first company. According to ROSS co-founder Jimoh Ovbiagele, that means “We live and die based on our AI capabilities. We didn’t pivot into AI. Our value [...]

Scaling AI: How Accenture bridges research and business to create organization-wide AI capability

April 2, 2020 AI is “the future of growth” according to a recent Accenture research report, AI: Built to Scale. That report, based on a survey of 1500 C-suite executives at companies across 16 [...]