Acceleration Consortium, Matter Lab, and Vector Institute collaborate on software to power self-driving labs

The code is open-source and available for download August 25, 2022 The Acceleration Consortium (AC), the Matter Lab, and the Vector Institute have teamed up to develop Gryffin—an “off-the-shelf” [...]

RBC joins Vector for our Computer Vision Symposium and shares how RBC’s new AI engine can accurately recognize building boundaries in satellite imagery

By Jonathan Woods August 24, 2022 Vector’s Industry Innovation team has released the Computer Vision: Applications in Manufacturing, Surgery, Traffic, Satellites, and Unlabelled Data Recognition [...]

Vector AI Engineering Blog: Benchmarking Robustness of Reinforcement Learning Approaches using safe-control-gym

By Catherine Glossop August 23, 2022 Robots are increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives as they take to the roads in the form of self-driving vehicles, assist in operations in our hospitals, [...]