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There is an unprecedented opportunity for world-leading machine learning research and innovation that builds the data advantage stemming from our public health system.

Working with partners in the health and academic sectors, Vector will support and enable health AI research and innovation across a wide range of topics.

Health is a key pillar in Vector’s Three-Year Strategy:

Towards better whole-life health, Vector will enable effective & appropriate research access to health data.

We believe all Canadians deserve to benefit from modern health care solutions using the best technologies and tools available. We are uniquely positioned to convene and facilitate partnerships among scientists, government, and public health institutions to help health practitioners and policy-makers use the best-available AI tools to improve patient outcomes and health care delivery. Key to applying AI and working with de-identified Ontario health data is the development of a modern health data governance framework that protects privacy without stymying the adoption of innovative life-saving technologies. With a practical and enforceable framework in place, we will also take advantage of industry’s ability to develop and scale new innovative technologies for modern health care and to contribute health-related insights.

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Pathfinder Projects

The Vector Institute is supporting a series of Pathfinder Projects to implement AI-assisted technologies in the health sector. Pathfinder Projects are small-scale efforts designed to produce results in 12 to 18 months that guide future research and technology adoption. With technical and resource support from the Vector Institute, they each bring together a multidisciplinary research team to tackle an important health care problem or opportunity using machine learning and AI more broadly. Each project was chosen for its potential to help identify a “path” through which world-class machine learning research can be translated into widespread benefits for patients.


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