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Vector’s AI Summit & Career Fair

Vector Institute’s annual AI Summit & Career Fair provides an opportunity for AI graduate students, researchers, and alumni to hear from leading researchers and industry practitioners. This event features research and industry talks, opportunities to network with other students and the chance to connect with companies hiring AI talent.

Early Careers Week

Launch your career in AI. Vector’s Early Careers Week spotlights early career roles by Vector’s various employer partners. This week may include talks from AI practitioners, panel discussions on careers in AI, and speed networking sessions.

Information Sessions

Explore career pathways, key AI projects and organizational cultures in dedicated information sessions with Vector’s industry partners.

Talent Meetups

Explore career opportunities and connect with fast-growing startups across multiple sectors including technology, financial services, health and food & agriculture

Who can attend these sessions?

Vector’s networking events are open to Vector researchers, Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipients, students and alumni from Vector-recognized master’s programs, students of Vector Faculty Affiliates, Vector Interns, and Vector Postgraduate Affiliates.

Did you know you can find your next AI career?

Simplify your job search. Vector’s Talent Hub is where AI-related internships and work opportunities are advertised from over 100 industry-leading organizations including Vector industry sponsors, health partners, universities and startups.