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Alec Jacobson

Faculty Affiliate

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Toronto

Alec Jacobson is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Toronto. He is also a Senior Research Scientist at Adobe Research, Toronto. Before his postdoc at Columbia University, he received a PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich advised by Prof. Olga Sorkine‑Hornung, and an MA and BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. His work spans all aspects of geometry processing, including machine learning for 2D/3D geometry, physics-based simulation, computational fabrication, numerical methods for geometric energies and PDEs, and interactive design tools for 2D and 3D. He has published several papers in the proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH. He leads development of the widely used geometry processing library, libigl, winner of the 2015 SGP software award. In 2020, he received the ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award. In 2022, he received a Sloan Research Fellowship. In 2023, he received an Outstanding Teaching Award and a CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Early Career Computer Science Research Award.

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Physics
  • Geometry


  • Sloan Research Fellowship
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award
  • CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Early Career Computer Science Research Award