Bo Wang

Faculty Member

Lead Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and the Techna Institute at the University Health Network (UHN)

Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair

Bo Wang obtained his PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University in 2017. His PhD work covers statistical methods for solving problems in computational biology with an emphasis on integrative cancer analysis and single-cell analysis.

Bo has extensive research experiences in many leading organizations such as Sick Kids, Illumina, and Genentech. He regularly publishes at leading machine learning conferences such as the conference for Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) and Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NeurIPS) and has multiple first-authored papers in world-renowned journals such as Nature Methods and Nature Communications.

Bo’s primary research areas are machine learning, computational biology, and computer vision. Through his long-term research goals, Bo aims to develop integrative and interpretable machine learning algorithms that can help clinicians with predictive models and decision support to tailor patients’ care to their unique clinical and genomic traits.

In addition to being appointed as a Vector Faculty Member, Bo will hold the role of Lead Artificial Intelligence Scientist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at the University Health Network (UHN) and the Techna Institute. Bo’s primary focus in this role will be to build and lead the AI team in developing new machine-learning approaches and integrating them into the care of patients with heart and vascular diseases. Bo is also a faculty of medicine at University of Toronto.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Biology
  • Computer Vision


Macrocyclic Arenes‐Based Conjugated Macrocycle Polymers for Highly Selective CO2 Capture and Iodine Adsorption

Dihua Dai and Jie Yang and Yong‐Cun Zou and Jia‐Rui Wu and Li‐Li Tan and Yan Wang and Bao Li and Tong Lu and Bo Wang and Ying‐Wei Yang


25 years of Reticular Chemistry

Ralph Freund and Stefano Canossa and Seth M Cohen and Wei Yan and Hexiang Deng and Vincent Guillerm and Mohamed Eddaoudi and David G Madden and David Fairen‐Jimenez and Hao Lyu and Lauren K Macreadie and Zhe Ji and Yuanyuan Zhang and Bo Wang and Frederik Haase and Christof Wöll and Orysia Zaremba and Jacopo Andreo and Stefan Wuttke and Christian S Diercks


Metal–Organic Framework Membranes Encapsulating Gold Nanoparticles for Direct Plasmonic Photocatalytic Nitrogen Fixation

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Amorphous carbon/graphite coupled polyhedral microframe with fast electronic channel and enhanced ion storage for potassium ion batteries

Bo Wang and Fei Yuan and Qiyao Yu and Wen Li and Huilan Sun and Lupeng Zhang and Di Zhang and Qiujun Wang and Feili Lai and Wei Alex Wang


Hydrophilicity gradient in covalent organic frameworks for membrane distillation

Shuang Zhao and Chenghao Jiang and Jingcun Fan and Shanshan Hong and Pei Mei and Ruxin Yao and Yilin Liu and Sule Zhang and Hui Li and Huaqian Zhang and Chao Sun and Zhenbin Guo and Pengpeng Shao and Yuhao Zhu and Jinwei Zhang and Linshuo Guo and Yanhang Ma and Jianqi Zhang and Xiao Feng and Fengchao Wang and Hengan Wu and Bo Wang


Neoproterozoic plate tectonic process and Phanerozoic geodynamic evolution of the South China Block

Liangshu Shu and Jinlong Yao and Bo Wang and Michel Faure and Jacques Charvet and Yan Chen


Probing the long-range structure of the with the strong and electromagnetic decays

Lu Meng and Guang-Juan Wang and Bo Wang and Shi-Lin Zhu


Hemin-assisted synthesis of peroxidase-like Fe-NC nanozymes for detection of ascorbic acid-generating bio-enzymes

Wendong Liu and Lin Chu and Chenghui Zhang and Pengjuan Ni and Yuanyuan Jiang and Bo Wang and Yizhong Lu and Chuanxia Chen


Metal-organic framework membranes with single-atomic centers for photocatalytic CO2 and O2 reduction

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Electrodeposition: synthesis of advanced transition metal-based catalyst for hydrogen production via electrolysis of water

Ruopeng Li and Yun Li and Peixia Yang and Dan Wang and Hao Xu and Bo Wang and Fan Meng and Jinqiu Zhang and Maozhong An


The Synthesis of Hexaazatrinaphthylene‐Based 2D Conjugated Copper Metal‐Organic Framework for Highly Selective and Stable Electroreduction of CO2 to Methane

Yanze Liu and Shuai Li and Lu Dai and Jiani Li and Jianning Lv and Zhejiaji Zhu and Anxiang Yin and Pengfei Li and Bo Wang


Rational designing 0D/1D Z-scheme heterojunction on CdS nanorods for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic H2 evolution

Bo Wang and Chuanxia Chen and Yuanyuan Jiang and Pengjuan Ni and Chenghui Zhang and Yan Yang and Yizhong Lu and Ping Liu


Curcumin alleviates high-fat diet-induced hepatic steatosis and obesity in association with modulation of gut microbiota in mice

Shuo Li and Jinming You and Zirui Wang and Yue Liu and Bo Wang and Min Du and Tiande Zou


An intelligent hybrid wavelet-adversarial deep model for accurate prediction of solar power generation

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Cities are going uphill: Slope gradient analysis of urban expansion and its driving factors in China

Liang Zhou and Xuewei Dang and Haowei Mu and Bo Wang and Shaohua Wang