Gillian K. Hadfield

Faculty Member

Professor of Law, Professor of Strategic Management, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair

Director, Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society

Senior Policy Advisor, OpenAI

Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society

Gillian K. Hadfield is the director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. She is the Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society, professor of law and of strategic management at the University of Toronto, a Vector Faculty Member at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and a senior policy advisor at OpenAI. Her current research is focused on innovative design for legal and regulatory systems for AI and other complex global technologies; computational models of human normative systems; and working with machine learning researchers to build ML systems that understand and respond to human norms. Her book, Rules for a Flat World: Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It for a Complex Global Economy, is now available in paperback and on Audible.

Research Interests

  • Contracts
  • Economic Analysis of Law
  • Law and Globalization
  • Law and International Development