James Elder Headshot

James Elder

Faculty Affiliate

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University

York Research Chair in Human and Computer Vision

James Elder is Professor and York Research Chair in Human and Computer Vision, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Lassonde School of Engineering), Department of Psychology (Faculty of Health) and Co-Director of the Centre for AI & Society at York University. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. His research seeks to improve machine vision systems through a better understanding of visual processing in biological systems. He has published more than 100 papers in biological and computer vision journals and conferences. His current research is focused on natural scene statistics, perceptual organization, contour processing, shape perception, single-view 3D reconstruction, attentive vision systems, and socially-aware robotics. He holds a number of patents on attentive vision technologies. He is appointed to the Editorial Boards of two international journals.

Research Interests

  • Bayesian methods
  • Computer vision
  • Neuroscience


  • Premier’s Research Excellence Award
  • Lassonde Innovation Award