Wenhu Chen headshot

Wenhu Chen

Faculty Member

Assistant Professor, David Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo

Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair

Wenhu Chen is currently an assistant professor in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo. He obtained his PhD from the computing science department of University of California, Santa Barbara in 2021, and he spent a wonderful postdoctoral year at Google Research. His main research interests include natural language processing, large language models, vision-language interaction, image generation, etc.

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multimodal Learning
  • Knowledge Reasoning and Grounding


  • Canada CIFAR AI Chair in 2022
  • WACV best student paper honorable mention
  • UCSB CS Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Tencent AI Gift Award


Program of Thoughts Prompting: Disentangling Computation from Reasoning for Numerical Reasoning Tasks

Wenhu Chen and Xueguang Ma and Xinyi Wang and William W Cohen


Re-imagen: Retrieval-augmented text-to-image generator

Wenhu Chen and Hexiang Hu and Chitwan Saharia and William W Cohen


Explanations from Large Language Models Make Small Reasoners Better

Shiyang Li and Jianshu Chen and Yelong Shen and Zhiyu Chen and Xinlu Zhang and Zekun Li and Hong Wang and Jing Qian and Baolin Peng and Yi Mao and Wenhu Chen and Xifeng Yan


Large language models are few (1)-shot table reasoners

Wenhu Chen


MuRAG: Multimodal Retrieval-Augmented Generator for Open Question Answering over Images and Text

Wenhu Chen and Hexiang Hu and Xi Chen and Pat Verga and William W Cohen


Augmenting Pre-trained Language Models with QA-Memory for Open-Domain Question Answering

Wenhu Chen and Pat Verga and Michiel de Jong and John Wieting and William Cohen


Synthesizing Coherent Story with Auto-Regressive Latent Diffusion Models

Xichen Pan and Pengda Qin and Yuhong Li and Hui Xue and Wenhu Chen


HybriDialogue: An Information-Seeking Dialogue Dataset Grounded on Tabular and Textual Data

Kai Nakamura and Sharon Levy and Yi-Lin Tuan and Wenhu Chen and William Yang Wang


Subject-driven Text-to-Image Generation via Apprenticeship Learning

Wenhu Chen and Hexiang Hu and Yandong Li and Nataniel Ruiz and Xuhui Jia and Ming-Wei Chang and William W Cohen


DePlot: One-shot visual language reasoning by plot-to-table translation

Fangyu Liu and Julian Martin Eisenschlos and Francesco Piccinno and Syrine Krichene and Chenxi Pang and Kenton Lee and Mandar Joshi and Wenhu Chen and Nigel Collier and Yasemin Altun


Controllable Dialogue Simulation with In-Context Learning

Zekun Li and Wenhu Chen and Shiyang Li and Hong Wang and Jing Qian and Xifeng Yan


QA Is the New KR: Question-Answer Pairs as Knowledge Bases

Wenhu Chen and William W Cohen and Michiel De Jong and Nitish Gupta and Alessandro Presta and Pat Verga and John Wieting


Using meta-information in neural machine translation

Evgeny Matusov and Wenhu Chen and Shahram Khadivi