Stay Ahead of the AI Curve: Discover cutting-edge research from Vector’s AI experts

AI research is moving at lightning speed and it can be hard for industry-focused practitioners to keep up. Designed for a highly technical audience who wants to take their understanding of AI to the next level, Endless Summer School is a seminar series that showcases new and interesting research from Vector’s network of 700 researchers to help keep you current on the latest research and techniques in the field of AI.

What will you learn

Insights from cutting-edge AI research like:

  • Top research to pay attention to from NeurIPS
  • COVID-19 and developments in AI
  • The latest on large language models
  • AI model governance

Who should register

This event is open to Vector Partners, Vector Researchers, FastLane and Sponsor companies and invited health partners only.

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Not a Vector Partner?

Vector offers a suite of Industry Innovation programs exclusively to its industry sponsors, with the aim of expediting the integration of advanced AI in their organizations.