Information for Prospective Vector Scholarships in AI Students

Nominations are currently closed

Nominations for the 2025-26 cycle will open in January 2025. Want updates on the Vector Scholarship in AI? Sign up for our mailing list

Vector Scholarship in AI eligibility criteria:

  • Entering a full-time master’s program in an AI-related field at an Ontario university. The program must be Vector-recognized or you must be pursuing an individualized study plan that is demonstrably AI-focused.
  • Hold first-class standing (minimum of A- or equivalent) in the last two years of full-time equivalent study from a recognized university (typically 20 half-courses). Students’ transcripts should reflect preparedness for the proposed master’s program.
  • Consideration will be given to nominees with upper second class standing (B+) and relevant work experience, only if rationale for consideration is included in the nomination package.

Nomination package requirements

Students may not directly submit to the scholarship. Prospective students must provide all the following components to their programs before the Vector nomination deadline of March 21, 2024 at 4 p.m. EST, and before any internal deadlines set by the institution submitting the nomination to be considered:

  • Copies of all up-to-date transcripts (undergraduate and graduate, if applicable);
    • Students who submit unofficial transcripts will be required to submit official transcripts if selected as scholarship recipients
  • Two references using the Referee Form, at least one of which is academic;
    • Complete Referee Forms should be sent by the referee directly to the nominating program office and not to the student. Please reach out to your program administrator regarding the designated contact for the scholarship.
  • An up-to-date one to two-page CV;
  • A 250-word statement outlining your reason for pursuing a master’s in AI, relevant AI-related experience, and career aspirations
  • Self-Identification Form;
  • If not enrolled in a Vector-recognized program, an approved study plan including a course list and a description of thesis/capstone project
  • If your GPA in the last two years of study is below A-, rationale for consideration of your nomination (i.e. describing extenuating circumstances)

Award Information

The Vector Scholarship is non-transferable; selected recipients are required to register at the Ontario university and program to which they were nominated to receive the award. The scholarship funds will be provided directly to the university to disburse to recipients.

Frequently asked questions

Can candidates apply directly for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

No, candidates cannot apply directly for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Programs can nominate eligible candidates who will or who have received an offer of admission. However, to support the nomination, candidates must supply a short statement, CV and solicit two referee reports to be sent directly to the program(s) to which the candidate is applying. Prospective students should alert the program of their interest in being nominated for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence.

I am currently a master’s student studying in an AI-related field. Am I eligible to apply or to be nominated?

No, the Vector Scholarship in AI is an entrance scholarship for AI-related master’s students who will register and begin their studies in the upcoming academic year; others are not eligible.

I have applied to a master’s program in a Canadian university outside of Ontario. Can I be nominated for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

No, the scholarships are restricted to AI master’s students studying at an Ontario university.

If I am awarded a scholarship and decide to accept an offer of admission in a different master’s program, can I keep the scholarship?

No, the scholarship is awarded to the candidate for study in the master’s program that submitted the nomination; it cannot be transferred to another program of study or to a similar program at a different university.

If I am selected to receive a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and have accepted either a Tri-Council award (CGS-M) or an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), can I accept the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, you can hold a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and an OGS or CGS-M simultaneously.

If I am selected to receive a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and I accept the award, can I defer my start date?

Usually, the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence must be taken up in accordance with the start date indicated by the program which nominated you. However, in extenuating circumstances (e.g. unanticipated: medical issues, family responsibilities, or visa delays), deferral may be granted with relevant documentation.