The Vector Institute will drive excellence and leadership in Canada’s knowledge, creation, and use of artificial intelligence (AI) to foster economic growth and improve the lives of Canadians.

Vector strives to attract the best global talent focused on research excellence in deep learning and machine learning. Our researchers and academic partners will be part of a vibrant community of innovative problem-solvers, working across disciplines on both curiosity-driven and applied research.

The Vector Institute will work with academic institutions, industry, start-ups, incubators and accelerators to advance AI research and drive the application, adoption and commercialization of AI technologies across Canada.


Vector will be a leader in the transformative field of artificial intelligence, excelling in machine and deep learning — an area of scientific, academic, and commercial endeavour that will shape our world over the next generation. We are building on a well-established and respected foundation of globally recognized talent and learning that exists today in Toronto, Ontario and Canada more broadly.


Vector will build on Canada’s outstanding pool of globally recognized AI expertise by training, attracting and retaining more top researchers who want to lead the world in machine learning and deep learning research, while having the flexibility to work on commercial applications with companies or in their own startups.


The Vector Institute is not a degree-granting institution. Students affiliated with the Vector Institute will be full-time graduate students at an affiliated university. Students interested in studying at Vector should apply directly to departments of affiliated universities where Vector-affiliated faculty hold academic positions, and state in their application their desire to work with Vector-affiliated faculty. Due to volume, individual faculty do not respond to individual requests to evaluate applications.

Please continue to check our website for the most up-to-date list of affiliated universities.

    Affiliated universities:
  • University of Guelph
  • University of Toronto

If you are an undergraduate student or high school student interested in pursuing an education in machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can contact a program administrator or the Office of Research at your university of interest to learn about prerequisites and relevant courses. Students pursuing an education in machine learning and artificial intelligence typically have a strong foundation in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or statistics.

We are in the early stages of building the Vector Institute’s academic programs. Vector is not currently accepting applications for internships, research assistants or visiting scientists.

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News & Events


July 2017 - June 2018

Machine Learning Advances and Applications Seminar Series
This seminar series brings together academic and industrial data scientists to discuss advanced topics in machine learning and to strengthen the machine learning community in Ontario.

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Note: space is very limited on site – attend via live webcast



Executive Leadership

Dr. Garth Gibson appointed as founding President and CEO

Garth Gibson
President and CEO
Effective January 2, 2018

Vector’s executive leadership team is responsible for operations and oversight:

Darin Graham
Industry Innovation Director

Norm Rees
Chief Financial Officer

Alan Veerman
Chief Operations Officer

Special thanks to Tomi Poutanen for his help in envisioning and establishing the Vector Institute.






Funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario

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Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
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Special thanks to the University of Toronto for assistance in the start-up of the Vector Institute.

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