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Generative AI for Enterprise: Risks and Opportunities


Vector Institute partners with World Economic Forum on responsible artificial intelligence and research insights

Vector will soon be relocating to the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus. For updates please contact us.

The Vector Institute is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to AI research.

We work across sectors to advance AI application, adoption and commercialization across Canada.

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AI Research

Vector researchers are pushing the boundaries of machine learning and deep learning with applications from privacy, to security, to health care.

Research at Vector

AI for Chemistry and Materials: blending old and new ways of thinking

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AI & public health: using natural language processing for clinical database management

ICML 2023: Developing an adaptive computation model for multidimensional generative tasks

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Vector Institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series – Geoff Pleiss

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Vector Institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series – Colin Raffel

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We offer a suite of programs, courses, and projects to help students, businesses and working professionals from industry sponsors or small businesses.

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We partner with universities, health organizations, governments and businesses to connect leading AI research with its application across Canada and the world.

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