Information for program administrators and faculty

Nominations are closed

Nominations for the 2025-26 cycle will open in January 2025

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence assists Ontario universities in attracting excellent students from around the world. Approximately 100 Vector Scholarships in AI will be awarded for the upcoming academic year, each valued at $17,500 for one year of study. In addition, the scholarship supports students by building a community among scholars and students in Vector recognized master’s programs. If you would like materials to promote the scholarship through your own website or other channels, please contact us.

Vector Scholarship in AI eligibility criteria for nominees:

Ontario university programs are invited to nominate their top applicants for the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Vector Institute does not accept applications directly from prospective students.

  • Has applied for entrance to a master’s program in an AI-related field or plan of study at an Ontario university for the upcoming academic year
  • Hold first-class standing (minimum of A- or equivalent) in their last two years of study (full-time equivalent, or last 20 half-courses) from a recognized university
  • Consideration will be given to candidates with upper second-class standing (B+) and relevant work experience, or where extenuating circumstances apply, only if a rationale is provided in the nomination package

Nomination package requirements

Program administrators should ensure that the following components are included in each nomination package:

  • Copies of all up-to-date transcripts with the corresponding grading system for conversion (all undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate transcripts)
  • Two referee forms, at least one of which is academic
    • Complete Referee Forms should be sent by the referee directly to the nominating program and not to the student
  • An up-to-date one to two page CV
  • A 250-word statement outlining their reason for pursuing a master’s in AI, relevant AI-related experience, and career aspirations
  • Self-Identification Questionnaire
  • If not enrolled in a recognized program, an Approved Study Plan including a course list and a description of thesis/capstone project
  • If the nominee’s GPA in the last two years of study is below A-, rationale for consideration of the nomination must be provided by the nominating program (i.e. describing extenuating circumstances).

Frequently asked questions

How can programs help promote the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

The scholarship is intended to attract strong applicants and students to your program; as such, making applicants and prospective applicants aware of these awards is important. Easy to share marketing collateral is available. If your program would like this material, please email us.

Can candidates apply directly for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

No, candidates cannot apply directly for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Programs can nominate candidates who are eligible for admission or have received an offer of admission. However, to support the nomination, candidates must supply a short statement, a one to two page CV, and solicit two referee reports to be sent directly to the program(s) in which the candidate has applied. 

Prospective students may alert the program of their interest in being nominated for a Vector Scholarship in AI. In addition, the program can solicit top applicants to complete the required documentation for the scholarship application.

Can current master’s students studying in an AI-related field be nominated for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence ?

No, the Vector Scholarship in AI is an entrance scholarship for AI-related master’s students who will register and begin their studies in the upcoming academic year; others are not eligible.

Can international applicants to an Ontario University be nominated for a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, providing they meet all the eligibility requirements and are highly qualified to merit nomination by the intended program of study.

How can programs support the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence process?

Programs are responsible for nominating incoming AI master’s students. This involves:

  1. Ensuring that eligible applicants to your program have been instructed to provide their 250-word statement, a one to two page CV,  study plan template (if applicable) and seek references from two referees using the referee report form which will be made available during the nomination period.
  2. Providing the prospective student with the name and email address of your program contact and the deadline date by which the contact must receive the statement, CV (if not included in your application) , study plan template (if applicable), referee reports (as per #1);
  3. Ensure that the deadline for submission of material is far enough in advance of Vector’s submission deadline for that nomination period to allow for the ranking of nominees and the collation of the nomination package; and

Complete and submit the appropriate nomination forms (Nomination Form A, Nomination Form B) along with the nomination package. Full instructions on the nomination package will be made available once nominations are open.

If a student nominated by my program is awarded a scholarship and then decides to accept an offer of admission into a different master’s program, can they keep the scholarship?

No, the Vector Scholarship in AI is awarded to the candidate for study in the master’s program that submitted the nomination; it cannot be transferred to another program of study in either the same university or a different university. In such cases, the scholarship reverts to Vector for possible re-allocation.

Can a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipient simultaneously hold a Tri-Council award (CGS-M) or an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)?

Yes, a Vector Scholarship in AI recipient may hold an OGS or a CGS-M at the same time.

Can a Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipient defer their start date?

Usually, the Vector Scholarship in AI must be taken up in accordance with the start date specified on the nomination form. However, in extenuating circumstances (e.g. unanticipated: medical issues, family responsibilities, or visa delays), deferral may be granted with relevant documentation.

Are Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence paid directly to the recipient?

Funds are transferred to the universities and paid out through the Faculty/School of Graduate Studies student awards system in instalments. All funds go directly to and in full to the recipients, providing they maintain full-time enrolment and are in good standing.

I am using a Mac computer and experiencing issues with merging nomination packages for students. What should I do?

We strongly recommend the use of Mac Preview in compiling nomination packages, as there have been errors documented with using Adobe and other platforms for merging PDFs.