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Ontario, Canada is one of the fastest-growing AI hubs globally, offering a vibrant environment for studying AI. Experience exceptional educational institutions and immerse yourself in a thriving AI ecosystem, that provides limitless opportunities for students passionate about AI.

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“I chose to study AI in general because it is such a fast growing and interesting field. I’ve chosen to do it Ontario for two main reasons, the first being that my family is located here and I value being close to them. And the second is that Canada is a world leader in AI talent concentration, right now it seems like Canada, or Ontario, is the place to be if you want to pursue a career in AI.”

Darren Singh

Vector Scholarship in AI recipient | MMAI at York University

Why study AI in Ontario?

Our thriving AI Ecosystem

Ontario’s thriving AI community is a result of years of research excellence and the presence of world-renowned researchers like Geoffrey Hinton. From large companies to startups and academic institutions, Ontario has become the fastest-growing AI sector outside of Silicon Valley and China.

An estimated 20,634 AI jobs were created in Ontario in 2022-23
46 new AI companies were founded in Canada in 2022-23, 27 of these companies were founded in Ontario
Ontario actually produces 63% of the country’s graduates from AI institute recognized programs

All stats are from Impact and opportunities: Canada’s AI ecosystem – 2023 a report produced by Deloitte on behalf of CIFAR, Amii, Mila and the Vector Institute

Vector Recognized AI Master’s Programs

University of Guelph

Lakehead University

Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Smith School of Business – Queen’s University

Queen’s University

Ontario Tech University

University of Waterloo

University of Ottawa

Schulich School of Business

York University

Toronto Metropolitan University

Western University

University of Windsor


“The Health Systems AI program at the University of Toronto, with its focus on integrating AI into healthcare systems, aligns perfectly with my passion and aspirations. It offers a unique opportunity to combine AI expertise with healthcare applications, addressing critical challenges in the field. This program’s emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and its connection to a thriving AI ecosystem in Ontario were key factors in my decision to pursue my studies here. I’m eager to continue my journey at the intersection of AI and healthcare, contributing to advancements that can make a real-world impact.”

Pourya Momtaz

Vector Scholarship in AI recipient | MSC Health Systems AI at the University of Toronto

Group shot of Vector Scholarship in AI recipients

Vector Scholarship in AI Benefits

The Vector Scholarship in AI is a $17,500 entrance scholarship awarded to top students pursuing an AI master’s at an Ontario university.

Scholarship recipients receive support for their education, and become part of the Vector community and get access to:

  • Networking & recruitment events
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Research talks from Vector’s researchers

Meet some of our previous recipients:

Eptehal Nashnoush Headshot

Eptehal Nashnoush

2022-23 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient

“I’m working on developing Machine Learning algorithms to predict inpatient flow in hospital settings.”
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Debaditya Shome headshot

Debaditya Shome

2022-23 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient

“The Vector Scholarship has changed my life, and has significantly impacted my career by funding my studies and research.”
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