Vector Scholarship In Artificial Intelligence

An entrance award for top students pursuing AI master’s degrees in Ontario

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence supports the recruitment of top students to AI-related master’s programs in Ontario. Valued at $17,500 for one year of full-time study at an Ontario university, these merit-based entrance awards recognize exceptional candidates pursuing a master’s program recognized by the Vector Institute or who are following an individualized study path that is demonstrably AI-focused. Students in both core technical programs and complementary fields such as business and health are encouraged to seek nomination. Scholarship recipients will also have priority access to exclusive career exploration and professional development opportunities, and research talks, to support and nurture their excellence in AI.

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Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence 2023-24

The nomination period for the 2023-24 cycle is now open! All relevant forms are available below. This cycle’s nomination deadline will be March 22, 2023.

Informational webinars for prospective students and program administrators will take place in early February, where you can learn more about the scholarship and nomination processes. To join, please register for the webinar for prospective students here, and for program administrators and faculty here.

Each year, hundreds of nominees are evaluated and approximately 100 merit based scholarships are awarded to promising AI master’s candidates. Read more about previous scholarship recipients and the AI projects and research they are exploring.

Click here to learn more about Vector recognized AI master’s programs. Inquiries about the scholarship can be sent to

Vector Scholarship in AI Eligibility & Nomination Process (2023-24)

Spotlight on Vector Scholarship in AI Recipients

Chris Dulhanty Photo

Chris Dulhanty
2018-19 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Waterloo, MASc, Systems Design Engineering
Previous Degree: B.Eng, Biomedical Engineering (University of Guelph)

How my research will have an impact: My research interests lie in the social impact of artificial intelligence with projects on auditing training datasets for representational bias, benchmark datasets for evaluation bias and on fairness and privacy implications of face recognition.

As of August 2020 , I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple.

Jun Gao Photo

Jun Gao
2018-19 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Toronto, MSc, Computer Science
Previous Degree: BSc, Computer Science (Peking University)

What are you working on now? In 2019, I was published in three different conferences: CVPR on interactive object segmentation, ICLR on analyzing representations in language modelling and NeurIPS on differentiable rendering and trying to learn 3D shapes from 2D images. My goal is to get into all the computer vision conferences, including ECCV and ICCV in the next year. I also work part-time as an intern at NVIDIA, where I get to learn more about graphics, 3D and AI in that domain.

As of 2020 , I am a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto with Vector Faculty Member and Co-Founder, Sanja Fidler.

Diana Lucaci Photo

Diana Lucaci
2018-19 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Ottawa, MSc in Computer Science, Applied AI Concentration
Previous Degree: BSc, Computer Science (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi)

How my research will have an impact: My thesis will be focused on the explainability of NLP algorithms. We have to keep an eye on the applicability of research in industry and work to eliminate the gap between pure research and specific applications. My thesis has the potential to touch so many industry applications including the medical domain, when AI agents are supporting the decision making process for specialists and doctors.

Maral Rasooliijaberi Photo

Maral Rasoolijaberi
2019-20 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Waterloo, MASc in Systems Design Engineering
Previous Degree: BASc in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran Polytechnic)

What are you working on now? I’m currently working on a project to analyze histopathology images by applying U-Net, a convolutional neural network for biomedical applications, to segment tissue and remove background information. We will also compare this tool against other image processing tools as well to find out which method is more accurate or faster. So far, no one has used U-net for segmenting tissue. This application will have implications for cancer detection in the future, which is so inspirational and I am excited about.

Amrit Sehdev Photo

Amrit Sehdev
2019-20 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Queen’s University (Smith), Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Previous Degrees: Doctor of Medicine (University of Calgary); Master of Public Health (Queen’s University)

What’s next? As a physician, I’m lucky to work with colleagues and patients who continue to strive for better outcomes. We are working on NLP and Image Detection solutions currently to solve health system demand problems on a global scale. In the future, I hope to continue to combine my experience in healthcare and AI to work with like-minded people to solve problems and develop great solutions.

I am currently a 2020 Member for the Governor General’s Canadian Leaders and a Physician at Humber River Hospital in Toronto.

michael-de-wit photo

Michael DeWit
2019-20 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Toronto, Master of Health Informatics
Previous Degrees: BHSc in Health Science & BScN in Nursing, Western University

What am I passionate about? As a clinician from the MHI program, I am uniquely positioned to identify the gaps in the healthcare system faced in my everyday work, and help implement AI technologies to bridge these gaps with other clinicians and technical teams. Prior to the MHI, some processes may have frustrated me, but now I view these as opportunities for improvement to use technology to make things easier for patients and healthcare providers. I look forward to these new advancements in healthcare, while ensuring we consider issues such as privacy and governance.

As of October 2020 , I am a Clinical Application Analyst and Registered Nurse with the University Health Network.

Ricardo Luhm Silva

Ricardo Luhm Silva
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
York University (Schulich), Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Previous Degrees: Master’s in Industrial and System Engineering, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Paraná; Master of Business Administration, Fundação Getulio Vargas; B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, Universidade Federal do Paraná

What do I bring to the AI industry? I have pretty unique experience as a mechanical engineer, working in both construction and for one of the biggest oil companies in Brazil, managing teams of more than 200 people. I also had the opportunity to work with Renault on quality control and AI systems, presenting to the headquarters, who eventually decided to implement my inspection system for all the teams in France and a number of other factories. With both my management and product development program, I hope to transition to consulting, where I will help analyze and implement AI solutions quickly.

Sara El Shawa Headshot

Sara El-Shawa
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Guelph, MASc in Engineering (Collaborative Specialization in AI)
Previous Degrees: BSc in Computer Science and Biology, University of Toronto 

Interesting AI projects I am a part of: I am exploring different interdisciplinary collaborations, including one with the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics which involves error correction in DNA barcoding and classification of sequences using AI. Our work will use a predictive modelling approach to shed light on species interactions when novel stimuli are introduced into an environment. Additionally, I am working on a project that focuses on information flow in social networks. I am also collaborating with the Public Health Agency of Canada to predict the severity of COVID-19 cases by investigating associations with clinical symptoms and comorbidities.

Bill Zizek Headshot

Bill Zizek
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Toronto (Rotman), Master of Management Analytics
Previous Degrees: BSc in Chemical Biology, McMaster University

Opportunities for entrepreneurship in AI:With my degree in chemistry and my past research experience working in drug development in healthcare, I have been working with a start-up called neuroLytixs, which uses machine learning to aid biomarker discovery for the diagnosis of concussions. The company has just raised seed funding through angel investors, partnered with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and is part of Techstars AI 2020 in Montreal. During my MMA program at Rotman, I want to learn more about shaping decision-making and strategy at the intersection of healthcare and AI, exploring pathways where I can have a positive impact on patients.

photo of paul

Paul Mvula
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Ottawa, MSc in Computer Science (Applied AI Concentration)
Previous Degrees: BSc in Computer Science and Technology, Jiangsu University

What are your interests in AI? Since childhood, I have always been interested in computers. I came across AI during my undergraduate degree and realized its importance in its ability to interpret and handle the huge amount of data we generate in our everyday lives. Recently, I started working on a cybersecurity project aimed at detecting phishing applications in website domain names. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a lot of new domains being created every day including malicious and phishing ones. Therefore, I am helping develop a classifier that shows whether a given domain name is either legitimate or malicious.

Rachel Theriault headshot

Rachel Thierault
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Queen’s University, MSc in Computer Science (AI)
Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Computer Science in Biomedical Computing, Queen’s University

What are you most excited about working on? I first started on mass spectrometry analysis for detecting breast cancer while working on my undergraduate thesis- I fell in love with this project and it got me excited about pursuing a master’s degree. My current research applies machine learning to high dimensional data, and has the potential to answer important questions such as “what is the metabolic profile of cancer?” By looking at hundreds of pixels, it can lead to medical breakthroughs. I am so excited to be at the leading edge of this research, where I get to intersect with all types of experts, including chemists, pathologists, surgeons and computer scientists. Learn more about me here.

photo of lana

Lana El Sanyoura
2020-21 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
University of Toronto, MSc in Computer Science
Previous Degrees: BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, University of Toronto

What are you working on now: I am working in the interdisciplinary Computational Social Science Lab to understand the impact of machine learning systems of online platforms on user behaviour. If the impacts of these algorithms are negative, how can we build better ones that have high accuracy but also positively impact wellbeing? I hope to be part of the movement towards creating more user-centric systems that account for human trust and wellbeing, while avoiding bias.

Jasmeet Kaur

Jasmeet Kaur
2019-20 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: Senior Applied Research, PointClickCare
Alumni of York University, MSc in Computer Science (AI)

What are you working on now: In my role, we use a lot of data from nursing homes and long-term care facilities and apply machine learning to deploy models to enable healthcare professionals to make better decisions. We’re focused on explainability because our customers want to know the “why” of certain decisions; we work closely with them to provide these insights.

Alex Cui

Alex Cui
2021-22 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: MSc in Computer Science, University of Toronto

What are your interests in AI research? My AI research interests are in probabilistic motion prediction and planning to improve the safety and efficiency of self-driving vehicles. This means we’re trying to allow our self-driving vehicles to make more diverse predictions and also in more risky and rare road scenarios. I will work on using better representations and self-supervised learning in order to better model how the world is evolving, how to interact and navigate a space with multiple agents – especially where there is less data and when you don’t have complete information.

Karl Grantham

Karl Grantham
2021-22 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: MSc in Computer Science, Brock University
Former: BSc in Computer Science, Minor in Philosophy, Brock University

What’s next for you? I’m currently collaborating with the National Research Council (NRC) on AI for drug and material design. The lab focuses on many areas, from developing new medications to new materials for airplanes. I’ve contributed to work with NRC on computing energy levels for molecules and using variational quantum Eigensolvers, and am working on some papers on AI for drug design.

Mia Thomas

Mia Thomas
2021-22 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: MASc in Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto
Undergraduate: University of Alberta, BSc in Electrical Engineering ‘21

What are your plans for your master’s degree? My main research is going to be on unmanned aerial vehicles at the center of sensor fusion, deep learning, and computer vision. In GPS-denied environments, visual navigation is important but there are a lot of challenges such as lighting, time of day, and poor weather. I plan on exploring how we can use thermal images with visual-spectrum algorithms using deep learning to navigate under any lighting conditions.

Remi Ojo

Remi Ojo
2021-22 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: Queen’s University Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

What’s next for you: I’m currently building an AI startup with a colleague to use computer vision to build automated construction sites, to increase their safety and productivity. I hope that the intersection of AI and entrepreneurship is something I can pursue after finishing my degree.

Huda Irfan Thalib
2022-23 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, York University
Former: BSc in Computer Science, Effat University

How has the Vector Scholarship in AI impacted your studies? Your research? Your AI network? The Vector Scholarship has been a great asset to me as I am an international student in Canada and it has definitely broadened my areas of AI network. My goal is to work as a data scientist at an esteemed organization after I complete my master’s degree. I believe that this course and the field of AI will open several opportunities for me.

Eptehal Nashnoush
2022-23 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: Master of Management Analytics, University of Toronto Rotman School of Management
Undergraduate: B.Eng in Electrical Engineering, Dalhousie University/span>

What are your current interests or areas of interest in AI? My current interests in AI lie in the digital health sphere, particularly AI-enabled wearables in hospital settings. Another area I am investigating is using Electronic Health Records (EHR) to predict patient flow. Currently, I’m working on developing Machine Learning algorithms to predict inpatient flow in hospital settings.

Debaditya Shome
2022-23 Vector Scholarship in AI Recipient
Current: QMASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen’s University
Previous: B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunications,Kalinga IIT, India

How has the Vector Scholarship in AI impacted you? The Vector Scholarship has changed my life, and has significantly impacted my career by funding my studies and research. It has also allowed me to grow my network with access to hiring events, AI summits, and job openings through the Vector Digital Talent Hub.

Vector Scholarship in AI Recipients by Institution*:

2022-23 Recipients


Program Name
MASc in Civil Engineering Pantano, Michael
MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fuller, Anthony
Imran, Omar
MSc in Computer Science
Raju, Devipriya
MSc in Computer Science
Paul, Shouvik
Khosravani, MohammadSadegh
Marzani, Malileh
MSc in Computational Science and Engineering Namazi, Reza
MSc in Computer Science
Afzali Kharkouei, Mohammad
MSc in Computer Science Dehghani, Fatemeh
Master of Information Technology Security Tushar, Roy
MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sanii, James
Shome, Debaditya
Aitken, William
Bishop, Cameron
AshoftehBarabadi, Maede
MASc in Engineering Physics
Ewaniuk, Jacob
Master of Management Analytics
Li, Ruonan
Valderrama Barahona, Adriana
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Chan, King Chung Kenny
MSc in Computer Science
Medema, Emily
Fu, Zhiwei
Arastehfar, Sana
Rochwerg, Ron
MSc in Data Science and Analytics
Rizvi, Rimsha
MASc in Engineering + AI
Naim Ibrahim, Anton
Master of Data Science
AhangarSaryazdi, Somaye
Green, Adam
Umar, Hauwa
MSc in Computer Science
Kassim, Mohammed Awal
Chaudhary, Daksh
MSc in Mathematics and Statistics
Hannat, Sammy
MSc in Physics
Stuck, Michael
MASc in Aerospace Science and Engineering
Krawciw, Alexander
MASc in Biomedical Engineering
Mei, Anne
MASc in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Zhu, Zhanda
Bao, Qinyang
Jiang, Chenhao
Master of Health Informatics
Yuan, Mei
Rozario, Natasha
Candas, Kadriye
Farooq, Shaaf
Master of Management Analytics
Zhao, Dana
Krisht, Jad
Morzán, Juandiego
Singhal, Ashima
Nashnoush, Eptehal
Dhawan, Disha
Chaturvedi, Snigdha
MSc in Applied Computing
Tan, Haining
Patel, Zakaria
Li, Shixuan
Li, Jiayang
Thangavelu, Naveen
Gofman, Ilan
Ma, Yan
Dash, Samarendra Chandan Bindu
Khairnar, Devashish Pradeep
Dhani, Jaspreet Singh
Guzman Ramirez, Enrique David
Jassani, Adeem
Das, Queenie
Rinaldi, Anthony
MSc in Computer Science
Yu, Jennifer
MSc in Medical Biophysics
Xu, Lingtong
M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rajagopal Muthu, Vinitha Raj
M.Math in Computer Science
Mokhtari, Sabrina
MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tang, Mei Qi
Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Chen, Shengye
Liu, Ka Yat
MSc in Computer Science
Kheiryashkuh, Zahra
Kassem, Ali
Waezi, Hamed
Master of Data Analytics
Yu, Le
Cui, Lin
MESc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Buwaneswaran, Madhushan
MSc in Neuroscience
Malik, Pranshu
Graham, Jamie
Master of Business Analytics
Lin, Feng
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Afify, Tarnem
Irfan Thalib, Huda
Gunjan, Raval
MSc in Computer Science
Forghani, Fereshteh
Massoud, Mahsa
2021-22 Recipients


Program Name
MSc in Computer Science Grantham, Karl
MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering Tran, Anh Khoa
MSc in Computer Science – AI Specialization
Gad, Gad
Gupta, Yash
Master of Information Technology Security- AI Jeelani, Omar Farshad
MSc in Computer Science
Dehghani, Roya
MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (AI)
Das, Sayantan
Kitor, Benjamin
MSc in Computer Science (AI)
Little, Connor
Morgan, Ella
Ritcey, Emma
Sauve, Annabelle
Sha, Chengyuan
Master of Management Analytics
Wei, Jiale
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Brezner, Royi
Ojo, Remi
MSc in Data Science and Analytics
Bera, Swayami
Ghosh, Biraj
MASc in Engineering (Collaborative Specialization in AI)
Qi, Jiaju
Thompson, Rylee
Jakub, Cameron
MASC in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Applied AI)
Dantas, Ycaro
Giroux, James
MSc in Computer Science (Applied AI)
Benning, Oliver
Dzeha, Eric
Guo, Rongchen
Shaheen, Mohannad
M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering Liu, Tianran
MASc in Aerospace Science and Engineering
Sehn, Jordy
Thomas, Mia
Bhattarai, Sampanna
Zhou, Jiachen
MASC in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Chu, Jamal
Ward-Bond, Jesse
Master of Health Informatics
Guo, Julia (Yu Jia)
Jain, Tanya
Jiao, Tina
Sheikh, Yusuf
Dietrich, Julia
Pruthi, Vagisha
MSc in Applied Computing
Singh, Diljot
Abdollahpouri Hosseini, Seyed Ahmad
Banthia, Shreyansh
Chaiwachirasak, Teerapat
Farghadani, Soroush
Gupta, Pranav
Pokhrel, Aslesha
Sharma, Vasudev
LeMesurier, Carey
Koya, Charita
Liu, Zheyu
MSc in Computer Science
Cui, Alexander
Hosseini Khorasgani, Salar
Huang, Yizhou (Philip)
Zhu, Jasper
MSc in Health Services Research
Kember, Allan
MSc in Medical Biophysics
Saderi, Moujan
Master of Management Analytics
Chaudhary, Prerit
Lin, Zhihao (Jason)
Nasir, Sadia
Ong, Jia Yi
Shulman, Cole
Zhu, Ziqing (Stella)
Robinson, Richard
Ailavadi, Prakriti
Jin, Xiaowei
M.Math in Computer Science
Shi, Xinyu
Bie, Alex
Wang, Yiping
Regehr, Matthew
Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Lu, Jesse
Plowman, Hunter
Dionne-Laforest, Salomé
Nguyen, Vincent Kinh Khoa
Master of Science in Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence [with/without Co-Operative Education]
Fazli Khojir, Hamid
MSc in Computer Science
Dodda, Naga Jyothirmayee
Master of Data Analytics, AI
Adarsh, Riswin Deenadayalan
Gaonkar, Shrita
Gao, Shuang
MESc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lacroix, Kyle
MSc in Computer Science
Wong, Anthony
Meshkinnejad, Rouzbeh
Salimnia, Amir Hesam
MSc in Neuroscience
Tafakkor, Ali
Master of Business Analytics
Fernandes, Dylan
Shaik, Abdul
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Dhotre, Kasturi
MSc in Computer Science
Heyman, Alex
Pakdaman Savoji, Sajjad
Wyke, Chester
Alix, Gian Carlo
Li, Jing
2020-21 Recipients
Program Name
Electrical and Computer Engineering Kyrollos, Daniel
MSc in Computer Science
Baxi, Manmeet
Kaspour, Shamisa
Liu, Weiting
Singhal, Aditya
Swerhun, Mekaal
Master of Computer Science Fathi, Kiavash
MASc in Applied Physics
Filipovich, Matthew
Beitollahi, Mahdi
Gasca Cervantes, Eduardo
Greisman, Austin
Gupta, Divij
Lau, Clinton
Obadinma, Stephen
Zhao, Jianxiang
MASc in Mathematics and Engineering
Gronowski, Adam
Master of Management Analytics
Natarajan, Janani
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Arora, Gurkanwal
Lei, Gavin
Raza, Mohammad
Syed Rahmathulla, Wafiq
Wu, Ruihan
MSc in Computer Science
Ansari, Minhaj
Everitt, Brittaney
Scott, Katy
Stuart, Duncan
Su, Zitong
Theriault, Rachel
Collaborative Specialization in AI Master’s
El-Shawa, Sara
Salem, Mahmoud
Master’s of Information Technology Security Ahmed, Farhan
Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhang, Han
Master’s in Computer Science
Mvula, Paul
Nazari, Ehsan
Health Services Research
Nedadur, Rashmi
MASc in Aerospace Studies
Lu, Shichen
Nadeau, Philippe
Qian, Jingxing
Wu, Yuchen
Yuan, Zhaocong
de Souza Severo, Daniel
Jia, Hengrui
MASc in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Patel, Raj
Tian, Sophie (Sijie)
Wong, Rachel
Xu, Meng (Katie)
Master of Management Analytics
Donovan, John Connor (Connor)
El Mellouki, Zineb
Ji, Yuan
Moon, So Hyun (Stella)
So Hyun (Stella), Sidharth
Puccini, Aaryn
Wisco, Asia
Zegarmistrz, Marcin
Zizek, William (Bill)
MSc Health Informatics
Keenan, Charles
Lin, Charis
Wang, Yi Li
MSc in Applied Computing
An, Ruijian
Arivazhagan, Manoj Ghuhan
Bhattacharjee, Sourav
Brock, Stephen
Ellis, Jack
Feng, Yiwen
Guo, Yijie
Landsman, David
Liu, Shanning
Ngo, William
Roy, Subhayan
Zhao, Luxi
MSc in Computer Science
El Sanyoura, Lana
Hao, Siqi
Mansouri, Farnam
MohammadMahdi, Naseri
MASc in Systems Design Engineering
Hemmatirad, Kimia
MMath in Computer Science
Alagappan, Solaiappan
Herman, Daniel
VanBerlo, Blake
Master of Science in Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence [with/without Co-Operative Education]
Gautam, Vishakha
Hora, Sheena
Jouyandeh, Farzaneh
Patel, Himanshu
Roy, Shuvendu
Siddiqui, Nazia
Master of Data Analytics
El Rachidi, Firas
Joseph, Pauline
MSc in Computer Science
Keyes, Andrew
Wang, Wei
Younesi, Mohammad
Zhang, Qinggang
Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) Cong, Chang
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI)
Haji Seyed Hassani, Amir
Luhm Silva, Ricardo
Sterling, Brigid
MSc in Computer Science
Meka, Bhargavi
Sy, Steniel
Ye, Isaac


2019-20 Recipients
Program Name
Computer Science Nokhbeh Zaeem, Mohammad
Economics Foroutan, Frohan
Computer Science (Collaborative Specialization in AI) Foxcroft, Jeremy
Engineering (Collaborative Specialization in AI)
Allam, Abdelrahman
Bauman, Valerie
Shekhar, Shashank
Computer Science
Emu, Mahzabeen
Heydrich, Tim
Kamal, Farjana
Zhang, Shengyi
Computational Science & Engineering White, Lindsay
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dai, Linhui
Scott, Ryan
Computer Science
Fernandes, Johan
Larocque, William
Li, Wei
Templeton, Julian
Wang, Ning
Computer Science
Jiang, Bote
Kaczmarek, Emily
Electrical & Computer Engineering Babaei, Hossein
Management in Artificial Intelligence
Banh, Alexander
Jones, Kyle
Sehdev, Amrit
Singh, Gunpreet
Skingle, Brendan
Smith, Mark
Wang, Jiaxi (Nicky)
Data Science & Analytics
Anumanchineni, Harish
Malika, Garima
Patel, Kshirabadhi
Aerospace Science & Engineering
Bianchi, Mollie
Grover, Abhinav
Applied Computing
Habib, Faisal
Kumar, Shakti
Le, Huu Uyen Phuong
Nanderian, Pantea
Parker, Jerrod
Saha, Rohit
Wei, Lixiang
Biomedical Engineering
Sabo, Andrea
Grover, Abhinav
Computer Science
Bharadwaj, Homanga
Cao, Tianshi
Li, Andrew
Qiu, Han Jie
Wu, Qiongsi
Health Informatics
DeWit, Michael
Perron, Rachelle
Shen, An-Qi
Wang, Jianmin (Jamie)
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Pogacar, Frances
Yang, Hojin
Management Analytics
Bani, Denisa
He, Xichen
Priya, Varshini G
Resnick, Adam
Computer Science Duan, Haonan
Data Science
McCorriston, Melissa
Sundrelingam, Vaakesan
Electrical & Computer Engineering Guo, Xinyu
Systems Design
Adnan, Mohammed
Rasoolijaberi, Maral
Collaborative Specialization in AI
Tayeh, Tareq
Wang, Huanchi
Data Analytics
Bhasin, Deepanshu
Popli, Simran
Wen, Yizhe
Yerubandi, Dhanusha
Business Analytics
Kur, Daniel
Palangat, Revthi Jayarajan
Computer Science Kaur, Jasmeet
2018-19 Recipients
Program Name
Biomedical Engineering (Data Science Specialization) Fernandes, Alexander
Computer Science
Tassone, Joseph
Yan, Peizi
Computer Science (AI)
Gerolami, Justin
Lam, Jason Tzu-Kei
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Edraki, Amin
Elsherbiny, Habiba
Mahdy, Basma
Mohammadalizadehbakhtevari, Pedram
Yang, Xiaoyu
Management in Artificial Intelligence
Burns, Levi
Fotak, Meghan
Hennick, Tyler
Sopik, Victoria
Yee, Brian
Computer Science (Specialization in AI)
Kazmi, Arslan
Sun, Wanrong
Engineering (Specialization in AI)
Szentimrey, Hannah
Tahsien, Syeda Manjia
Computer Science Stahlke, Samantha
Computer Science (AI)
Lucaci, Diana
Meihong, Chen
Yuan, Gao
Aerospace Science and Engineering
Dong, Ke
Hall, Adam
Samavi, Sepehr
Wong, Jeremy
Applied Computing
Bhaskara, Subrahmanya Vineeth
Desai, Sneha
Gou, Stephen
Huang, Gary
Murali, Ranjani
Qie, Chenzi
Wang, Shirly
Computer Science
Gao, Jun
Grewal, Karan Raj Singh
Hossain, Safwan
Ling, Huan
McLean, Carson
Roewer-Despres, Francois
Skreta, Marta
Wen, Ethan
Yasodhara, Angeline
Young, Adamo
Yu, Geoffrey
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Emara, Salma Shukry
Fu, Yan
Tan, Xiaodan
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Crowson, Mathew
Dworakowski, Daniel
Statistical Sciences
Kogan, Ilan
Veitch, David
Management Analytics
Liu , Zhengyuan
Liu, Ziyue
Mielnik, Dominique
Rowe, Matthew
Wang, Ariel
Computer Science
Wang, Houze
Wu, KaiWen
Statistics (Data Science Specialization)
Bender, Travis
Li, Aileen
Systems Design Engineering Dulhanty, Christopher
Business Analytics
Chen, Dezhong
Morton, Evan
Computer Science (AI) Rajshree, Daulatabad

*Please note all recipients have granted us permission to post their names on the Vector website until they have enrolled full-time in their programs. As such, their names will not appear in the above table until their enrollment is confirmed.

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