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Nicolas Papernot focuses privacy preserving techniques in deep learning, and advancing more secure and trusted machine learning models.

Sheila McIlraith’s research addresses AI sequential decision making that is human compatible, with a focus on safety, alignment, and fairness.

Jeff Clune’s AI safety research focuses on regulatory recommendations, improving the interpretability of agents (so we can know what they plan to do, why, & prevent unsafe behaviors).

David Duvenaud’s research focuses on AGI governance, evaluation, and mitigating catastrophic risks from future systems.

Gillian Hadfield researches AI governance working at the intersection of technical & regulatory infrastructures to ensure AI systems promote human well-being.

Roger Grosse’s research examines training dynamics in deep learning. He is applying his expertise to AI alignment, to ensure the progress of AI is aligned with human values.

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New Vector Faculty Member Jeff Clune’s quest to create open-ended AI systems

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